Whatever your belief system, there's one thing we know for certain about humans and sex: we've been having it for a long, long time. This week's Sex Stories We Love looks at the different eras of sex: the past, the present, and the future.

Sex, Evolution, and Cancer

Sometimes we get a little hyperbolic about sex and our continued survival. people claim that they're going to die if they don't get some. I mean, nobody is going to truly suffer dire consequences if they're denied sex. However, new research may point to new ideas about our very human existence that proves sexuality really does mean everything to us. A new idea states that sexual reproduction benefited us because it offers more genetic diversity, thus reducing the potential spread of cancerous cells. There is a lot to digest here about the beginnings of sexual reproduction, and it is well worth the read to understand sex on a cellular level. And we should all do that because sex, it seems, is super-duper important!

A Wilde Story

Have you ever taken a deep dive into the text of a different era? Erotica from past ages can be all of thrilling, titillating, shocking, and sometimes hard to read. Authors of past times could be just as, if not more, notable than the works they produced. Nobody exemplifies this more than the inimitable Oscar Wilde. To learn more about Wilde and his wild times, Topher Cusumano jumps into one of the author's more curious works: Teleny. Depsite Wilde possibly only being one of the numerous contributors, the book does offer a rather raunchy depiction of gay sex and love at the time. And Cusumano's hilarious analysis brings the story to life for all of us.

Unlearning Sex

Our sexual world is definitely changing. That change might be coming slowly, but it is happening. It's hard to put a timeline on sex, but the current generation of folks coming up will, hopefully, not grow up with the same common misconceptions and beliefs about what sex is supposed to be. Many of the items on this list reflect the male-centric society that continues to pervade our sexual belief system. These beliefs took centuries to root into place, but a core belief in feminism will help to dispel these ideas. Hopefully this happens sooner rather than later!

Sex and Female Rappers

Sex and rap have long been entwined. Unfortunately, the tangle is often related to the frequent use of deeply misogynistic lyrics and actions by male rap performers. On the other hand, female rappers have a long and proud history of offering honesty and realness when it comes to sexuality in their lyrics and performances. This excellent history of rap's amazing female performers who absolutely own their sex lives and sexuality not only provides a killer playlist, but also demonstrates how a woman's sexual identity, particularly for black women, is consistently undermined, downplayed, and ignored. It's about time we give these women their due for their strength and their message.

Missionary Works Just Fine

Normally, I might find long-winded treatises on sex a little tiresome, but I also find unwanted criticism about sex writing a little tiresome as well. While I am not sure that a defense of the missionary position is wholly necessary, I do think Gabriella Paiella makes a seemingly innocuous error in this review of Marilyn Simon's A Modest Defence of the Missionary Position. Here's the thing: the missionary position might actually need a bit of rehab. As our society grows sexually, our understanding, acceptance, and enjoyment of a wider variety of sex led to more adventurous people poo-pooing missionary for other pleasures. These days, it falls in line with the term vanilla—a pejorative! And that's just another form of sex shaming.

Horny Immortality?

Finally, would you make different sexual choices if you expected to live 300 years? I mean, you'd certainly have time to try lots and lots and lots!

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