As the old song goes, "love is a many splendored thing." Around these parts, we know sex is a many splendored thing...and we know that it sometimes isn't. And that's okay because we're always trying and learning. This week's Sex Stories We Love is all about the many sexy things we're all out there trying.

Kiss, Massage, Cuddle?

Think back to your last sexual encounter. What happened? Specifically, what types of touching were involved? If we are to believe popular media, such as movies and TV, sex usually has a very set pattern leading up to it. There's kissing. There's touching. There's caressing. There's sex of various types. And then there is often more cuddling. How often does real life actually follow this pattern? And should it? According to a recent study, kissing, massaging, and cuddling frequency were queried and one of the three clearly still exist on our agendas while two do not. Kissing is still a very frequent part of our sex lives, with cuddling still strong. Massages, on the other hand, seem to be more of a special occasion thing...maybe? Be sure to check out why people are and aren't including these acts in their sex life.

A New Sex Trend?

Okay, so it seems some folks are wearing their wireless, noise-cancelling earpods during sexy time. This seems an odd choice, but, as we are all aware, people always have reasons for specific activities during sex. Ain't nothing ever random. Personally speaking, I don't think I would ever enjoy cutting myself off from my sexual partner like that...unless we were trying some kind of sensory deprivation play. Yet other folks must have their reasons. Is it as simple as wanting to enjoy some specific music during sex?

Ah...Gilbert Grape!

Okay, now we're getting some more information here. This earpods during sex idea might be the fault of Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, not his fault, I guess, but his own horny habits might have influenced this new-fangled idea. So, of course, people are going to emulate it. And, of course, quality sex writers are doing to perform their journalistic due diligence and report on the...situation...for themselves. Much appreciation to Sophia Beniot for not just plugging in but also combining Leo's love of vaping into the mix. How did it go for Sophia? Maybe not as nicely as it does for Leo...

Hot Water

Maybe we're just too susceptible to sexual fantasy ideas sometimes. I will always be a proponent of "try anything once" if it falls within your limits. Yet, you really do need to know all risks before jumping in and possibly ending up in hot water. Like, in a hot tub. Jacuzzi sex sounds like an absolutely fantastic idea if you like your sex wet and steamy. Yet hot tub sex brings with it various risks, including exposure to germs and an increased risk of STI transmissions. So, as the bubbles rumble and your temperature goes up, think before you sink.

"Put Your Hands Together for...Inclusivity!"

For some, strip clubs are a helluva turn-on. To try to verify this belief, I've visited a number of adult entertainment establishments in a number of cities around the world. And, yeah, sometimes they are pretty damn awesome. However, unless your fantasies fall within the traditional two binary system, you're probably going to be out of luck when it comes to your proclivities. Fear not, though, because let's hope London's Harpies takes off and LGBTQ+ strip clubs blossom around the world! With a focus on trans performers and positive worker-centric policies, Harpies could be a model for sex work and entertainment. Gonna keep an eye on this venture...and if Kinkly ever wants to send me on assignment, wink, wink...nudge, nudge.

Lookin' for Leather

Finally, here are 102 photos of leather, sex and fantasy on the streets of New York. YOU'RE WELCOME!

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