This week's Sex Stories We Love is a great, big hug and shout out to all of our amazing bisexual friends and lovers out there! We see you. We love you. We're going to sing and dance with you!

The Struggle of Bi POC Women

Visibility is everything. One of the most significant issues bisexual deal with now (and throughout history) is that their sexuality is overlooked, ignored, refused, and stigmatized. Now, imagine all of that, with the added complexity of also being a person of colour. For bisexual women, blatant misogyny infuses our world. These many identities coalescing in a bisexual woman of culture can be a lot to deal with and struggle with, as Taliwhoah eloquently shares. In our current culture, there's often a first acceptance of difference when that difference first comes from white, male individuals. We all need to make room and listen to the different voices. Especially where it can be a real challenge for those offering their voice to speak up at all.

Families Understanding Bisexuality

Can we all just agree that our teen years suck? Doesn't matter what your sexuality're going to go through some shit and you're going to feel some hurt. That said, if your sexuality is different from the still-expected heterosexual model, your teen years just might suck even more.

The fact is that teens in the LGBTQ+ community are three times more likely to attempt suicide. Staggering. Hopefully, things might start to change if parents are more open and understanding of their teen's sexuality when these kids come out. This telling of both stories, a mother and her daughter, after the daughter came out as bisexual is both refreshing and inspiration because of their candid natures.

No Easy Road to Success

Coming out is still a massive struggle for both everyday folks and celebrities. We may see some people who've gone on to have massive success in the entertainment industry after coming out. However, that success rarely comes without struggle. Just because you've reached a peak of success doesn't mean you haven't dealt with the man mountains of career challenges along the way. Yet, more and more, celebrities are becoming comfortable sharing their bisexuality. Because they have a loud voice thanks to their status, people like Amber Heard and Bella Thorne can challenge taboos and remind us of the struggles they, and many others, deal with to succeed.

Bisexuality and Monogamy

This is a hard one. We're learning more and more that, for some people, sexuality is a fluid and mutable process that can evolve in many different ways throughout our lives. At the same time, our culture does have some very rigid and difficult institutions that we easily fall into early in life. So, being married and later discovering you're bisexual can be a significant challenge personally and for your marriage. Coming to understand your sexuality doesn't necessarily nullify your feelings for the person you married. When that union is strictly monogamous, how does the individual reconcile their own desires and feelings? I wish I had any kind of answer for this one...

Terminology Change?

How do we even feel about the term "bisexual"? The fact that, etymologically, it's rooted in the idea of two genders is problematic for some. We're coming to understand that there are more than two genders and, as such, the term seems to limit the gender expression of others. Do you think "pansexual" is a better option or is "bisexual" still an appropriate identifier for you and others?

DJ, Play the A Side and the B Side!

Finally, is this the next bisexual anthem? Did you know that there have been many, many great songs that celebrate bisexuality?

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