I want to bring sex toys on vacation, but my partner is worried about airport security. Any advice?


My girlfriend and I are going on a vacation in a few months and it's our first trip together. I want to take some of our sexy toys, including a small flogger and some wrist cuffs, but she's worried that we will get flagged by airport security. Have you had any experience travelling with toys and if so, what would you advise?


I have indeed travelled internationally with all sorts of naughty toys in my bag, as has my husband. My advice is to always pack these types of toys in your checked luggage. Packing toys in your carry-on bags could lead to an alarming baggage search as you go through security. Depending on the item, if the security personnel feel it could be used as a weapon, there's a possiblity you might have it confiscated and, worst case scenario, be refused permission to fly.

Your checked luggage, however, is different. We have travelled back and forth between the USA and the UK with a vast array of toys in our suitcase including floggers, crops, lockable wrist cuffs, rope, candles, a Wartenberg wheel, butt plugs and a selection of insertables, mainly glass dildos. Upon arrival, we often find that our bags are sporting the "Your bag has been opened and searched by security" stickers, which makes us chuckle, but apart from that we have never had a problem whatsoever. I am fairly sure that airport security has bigger things to worry about than a few kinky sex toys in someone's suitcase.

It's a good idea to do some research on specific travel laws that may pertain to your destination. For example, it's illegal to bring certain knives and blades into the UK, even in your checked baggage. Apart from that, I encourage you to enjoy packing up your kinky bits and pieces and to have a wonderful sexy holiday with your partner.

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