My partner and I are interested in trying some wax play. Do we need to use a certain type of candle?

Q:My partner and I are interested in trying some wax play. Can I just use any old candle or do I need to buy a certain type of candle?
A: Wax play is a wonderful form of temperature or sensation play. Many people wrongly assume that it is all about burning, heat and pain but there's actually lots of potential for wax play to be anything but painful.

I would recommend starting with a massage candle. They burn at a much lower temperature than regular candles and produce an oily wax that can be poured directly onto the skin and used just like massage oil. Massage candles are a great way to introduce wax play as there is less mess and the wax first wraps you in a sensual, warm embrace and then can then be used to massage the skin.

Next, you could try playing with non-massage candles, introducing more heat and different sensations as you go. Be careful about the candles you use as some of them burn at much higher temperatures than others and can actually cause burns on the skin. Beeswax candles in particular should always be avoided for this reason. You can buy candles made especially for wax play from a number of places but it is not necessary to spend a fortune. Some of the best candles I have ever used for wax play were bought from a local arts and crafts shop, for a low price. The key is to test them on a small patch of skin (nowhere too sensitive) before proceeding. This is a good habit to get into. Even if the candle is designed for wax play, you should always test it before using the wax on sensitive areas of the body.

Other important things to remember when playing with candles are:

· The amount of heat you want to apply to the skin can be adjusted in direct proportion to how far away you hold the candle from the body. The nearer the candle is to the skin, the hotter the wax will feel when it lands.

· Wax play is messy. The wax often splatters and when it hardens on fabric it can be tricky to remove. I would avoid experimenting with wax play on your best sheets or new sofa unless you want to be peeling wax off them for weeks to come.

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