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How do I give amazing head?

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Doc Johnson
Profile Picture of Doc Johnson Ever wonder what life is like at the dildo factory? Ask The Doc takes you inside America’s largest sex toy factory spotlighting the latest in sex toys and pleasure play advice. Have a question for Ask The Doc? Our Ask The Doc phone # records 24/7 and is live during the show, call (323) 642-9444, email or contact us on Twiter @askthedocshow.

Ask The Doc is recorded live every Friday from 11:00 a.m. to noon PST at Playboy Radio, and the podcasts can be found on iTunes and SoundCloud. ‘Sex Toy Picks’ from each show can be found at Ask The Doc’s online store.  Full Bio

How do I give amazing head?


The number one oral tip given by adult starlets: spit, be messy. Be sloppy. Have some fun with it! It’s like if you’re not getting messy, you’re not doing the blowjob any justice. While technique is certainly important, spit is essential. Get in there and really enjoy it…act like you have an oral fixation.

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