We all need a good friend. You know the type - always there to help you with tight situations, always there to make sure everything goes smoothly. A good friend readily on hand to get you through when life is beating you up and down.

Kinda makes sense that lube is often referred to as your sex life’s best friend, amirite?

It is impossible to discount the many benefits of lubrication when it comes to sex. Just one little squeeze from a bottle can make an uncomfortable situation turn to pure ecstasy. So why hasn’t lube taken off as a masturbation tool? Doesn’t it just make sense to incorporate lube into your solo sexytime adventures?

Maybe we’re just not used to thinking of lube this way. Sure, some people with penises use lube for personal pleasure, but not all. So, let’s put a new shine on lube. Check out these seven ways to bring lube into your solo sex life.

Use It on Different Body Parts

It is perfectly natural to think of lube only in the context of your most friction-gathering parts. It is the lotion that makes the motion, after all. More often than not, you’re going to put lube on your vulva or penis or in and around your vagina and anus. But don’t discount the possibility of applying lube to a wide variety of other body bits to enhance sensation during masturbation. Think about your most sensitive areas, such as your nipples, inner elbows and knees and armpits. Now, imagine them slick with lube and your fingers dancing in that slickness. Yes, it's as fun as it sounds.

Explore Different Lube Sensations

We are often told that variety is the spice of life. If you’re looking to spice up your solo sex life, exploring different types of lube is a great way to add new flavors. You can discover the differences between water-based and silicone. You can enjoy temperature differences with heating and cooling lubes. There are different scents, lubes with flavor and more! Masturbation offers a great opportunity to expand your playful palate.

Add Lube to Sex Toys

This suggestion might seem a little self-evident, but sometimes we set our minds to masturbatory mmmm and we just reach over for our favorite toy. Some toys definitely require lube, but others can be used without. The dry approach can still feel great, but if you add some lube, the sensations can be off the hook! With vibrators in particular, the lube can amplify the intensity of the vibration.

Breath of Fresh Air

Who’d have ever thought we’d be discussing a fan as a sex device? No no, we’re not advising you get anywhere near it, we’re just going to use a delicate breeze in masturbation! The simple sensation of blowing air on your lubed up bits can be a great start/stop technique if you’re looking to last longer or edge during masturbation. You can have the fan blowing up between your legs with a light breeze throughout and then just stop when you want. Or you can pleasure yourself for a bit, stop and turn on the fan.

Big Dump or Little Tease?

Now, this suggestion will definitely appeal to some folks and maybe not so much others. It all depends on whether you enjoy your solo sex on the sloppy side. One of the ways you can explore the many possibilities lube can amplify your alone time is by changing up how much lube you use when you masturbate. All too often, we’ll just go for the amount that will get the job done. What if you try using an excessive amount of lube? Your hands and toys will be slipping and sliding and the messiness can be really hot. On the other hand (possibly, literally), adding just a small amount of lube - a small sheen - can provide a light yet slick touch for teasing. Either way, keep a towel or damp cloth handy.

Try Lube Sample Packs

The sex product business is booming! There are so many different vibes, dildos, strokers, eggs and more that will curl your toes when you’re spending sexytime with your body. And keeping up the pace are the many different variety of lubes available. Many people like to find a specific lubricant and then stick with it. However, many manufacturers offer small sample packages to give folks an opportunity to explore. What better way to learn what you like than by trying a new lube out on yourself?

Make a Sex Nerd Spreadsheet of Your Faves and Misses

Some people really get off on being a sex nerd. Have some fun with yourself, enjoy some sexy solo time and then mark the results in a spreadsheet. Graph it, chart it, document it...oh my. For sure, experimenting with different ways to incorporate lube into your masturbation is definitely worthy of some deep-diving research and delicious documentation.