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6 High-Tech New Toys You’ll Want Under Your Christmas Tree

Published: DECEMBER 15, 2016 | Updated: APRIL 22, 2020
The holidays present the perfect time for a new high-tech toy…of the adult variety.

What do you hope to find under your Christmas tree this year? A new laptop or the latest smartphone? What about a different kind of high-tech toy? Technology is infiltrating all aspects of our daily lives, including the bedroom. Leave this gift guide lying around, and hopefully you’ll find these hot new tech marvels waiting for you on Christmas morning.

The Lovely: A Sexy Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are all the rage, but most of them don’t count the calories you burn in the bedroom. The Lovely fills that gap in the market, recording how often you have sex, how long you last, your favorite positions, and the calories you burn. That’s not all. Since this smart device is a vibrating cock ring, it should enhance your time between the sheets by stimulating the clitoris and penis during sex. The Lovely also works as a kind of love doctor, delivering feedback on how you could vary and improve your sex life. How lovely!


Lovely Cock Ring

Following the close of its Indiegogo campaign, the Lovely is currently in its beta phase. Testers can buy one for a discounted price from the Lovely website in exchange for their feedback.

The Fin: A Mini Vibrator Like You’ve Never Seen Before

We love our vibrators, but if we’re honest, most of them are a bit cumbersome to use. The Fin by Dame bucks the trend with its revolutionary design. The tiny wearable device acts like an extension of your fingers so it feels more natural to use. It might be small, but its three-speed motor is no lightweight.


Dame Fin Vibrator

The Fin is the first sex toy funded by public support via Kickstarter, but its creators aren’t newcomers to the adult toy game. They also brought you the Eva vibrator, which raised $85,000 on Indiegogo.

You can buy Fin on the company's website.

The Lioness: A Smart Vibrator That Knows Your Vagina

Another crowd-funded sex toy, the Lioness, is one smart vibrator. After you get acquainted, you’ll be convinced that it knows your vagina better than you do. This clever device has five built-in sensors, which collate information about your sexual response. It then analyzes the data and offers feedback about how you can enhance your sexual pleasure, both with and without the Lioness, at different points of your menstrual cycle. Additional perks include a travel lock and a low battery indicator so you’re never caught with a dead toy in your hour of need!

Lioness Vibrator

If you missed out on the Indiegogo campaign, you also missed out on getting the Lioness - at least for now. But you can sign up on the company's website for future updates about when it'll be available to the general public.


The Vibease: Enhance Erotic Audio Books

The Vibease does what we never thought possible: makes sexy audio books even hotter. This clever wearable device senses what’s happening in your erotic e-books and changes its vibrating intensity in response. Alternatively, someone else can control your Vibease via an app, which could add some real spice to dinner dates or long days in the office! The Vibease app also has a video chat function so a partner can see just how effective this smart sex toy is.

The Elvie: Work Out Your Pelvic Floor

You might have heard that a strong pelvic floor can take your sex life to the next level by helping you and your partner have stronger, longer orgasms. But who honestly remembers to do their Kegels? The Elvie offers a new - and fun - way to build strength.

This Wi-Fi enabled device looks like a smooth, silicone pod with a streamlined arm. Simply slip the Elvie inside of your body and you’re ready to work out. The device’s sensors respond to the movements of your pelvic floor, letting you move a jewel icon on the Elvie app to hit targets. Toning your pelvic floor has never been so much fun! The device also gives real-time feedback and corrects your technique to ensure the exercises are beneficial.

Elvie Pelic floor strengthener
You can order Elvie at the company's website.

PicoBong Sex Toys: Smart Sex Toys

PicoBong toys look like traditional sex toys: vibrators, masturbation sleeves, and butt plugs. But these devices are much smarter than the average. They’re all made to respond to the Remoji app. You can use the app to control the vibration intensity, but things start getting really interesting when you play music. The toys respond to your tunes, with different musical genres activating different vibration modes. It gives a whole different meaning to the term mood music! The PicoBong toys are also silent, waterproof, and made from body-safe silicone. Once you own one, you’ll want the whole set!

Picobong Remoji
You can buy Picong Remoji toys at Picobong's online store.

If your subtle hinting doesn’t work and you’re left disappointed on Christmas morning, don’t despair. You could always treat yourselves to these hot new gadgets in the New Year!

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Lauren Katulka
Lauren Katulka is a happily married freelance writer living on Australia's Central Coast. When she's not playing around with words she loves roller skating, spending time in the kitchen, watching indie films and cuddling her Devon Rex cat, Gizmo.

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