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Published: NOVEMBER 25, 2019 | Updated: MAY 24, 2022
While a couch is great for watching shows, snuggling and taking a well-deserved nap, it can also be a fantastic and amazingly versatile tool for some truly wild sexual rides!

Ah, the sofa: perfect for show binging, lazy naps in the afternoon and—for so many people—an introduction to the joys of sexual pleasure.

Couches and sofas bring them when their own unique benefits, as well as drawbacks, when it comes to sexual shenanigans.


But that’s what we’re here for: to share some of our favorite positions and activities that you and your preferred playmate can use to get the most out of your couch—and even turn this inviting and comfortable piece of furniture into a just-about-perfect sex stage.

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Oral and Sofas

Illustration of two people doing oral sex on a couch. The receiver is sitting in the middle of the couch while the giver is kneeling between the receiver's spread knees to provide oral sex.


Arguably, one of the best positions for sofa sex fun is the giving and receiving of oral. Not to take anything away from using a bed, but as anyone who likes to give can attest to, having to bend over someone laying down can too often be a pain in the neck.

However, with a sofa, with the receiver sitting down and legs spread while the giver kneels on the floor in front of them, the person giving doesn’t have to put themselves into uncomfortable contortions in order for their lips, tongue, throat and such to get to where they need to go.

This all, of course, depends on anatomy—and carpeting—but if this sounds like it might work for you and your partner then, by all means, give it a shot. You might be very well, and especially pleasurably, surprised.


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Take it for a Ride

Illustration of two people having intercourse on a couch. The penetrating partner is laying back along the length of the couch. The receiver is straddling the penetrating partner's hips for intercourse.

Sure, the laying on top delights of Missionary can certainly be done on a sofa, but what with the back of the couch being there many have found it more than a tad challenging to get into the action when they can’t open their legs far enough.

This isn’t the case for a person riding on top! If anything, this arousing position is even better on a sofa than a bed, what with the back being there for the rider to hold onto to: giving them a nice way to balance and even lift themselves up higher to give the stroking more depth.

Equally, the recipient gets a kind of nice snuggled feeling, being nestled against that back as well. In fact, some people really like that feeling of almost-confinement. But, as always, to each their own.

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The Love Seat

Love Seat Sex Position. The penetrating partner is seated on top of a sturdy, armless chair with their feet flat on the floor. The receiving partner is straddling the penetrating partner's lap while the penetrating partner's arms help them keep their balance.

Next up is the Love Seat sex position - and it's one that honestly does feel much better using a couch instead of a bed. Like with oral, one person sits on the couch facing outwards while their partner mounts them face-to-face.

Why? Well, for one thing, the person sitting on the couch has the support of the couch’s back—just the thing for support and from keeping their own back from getting sore. For another, the person doing the riding can, if they want, use that same furniture back to balance themselves. Win-win!

On top of all this, unlike using a chair, a couch is a pretty darned stable piece of furniture: so they’ll be worries about wild enthusiasm knocking it, or the people doing the play, onto the floor.

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The Spoon

diagram of the spoon sex position - spoon sex position is a rear entry position in which both partners lay on their sides, front to back.

The Spoon position is a quite tender and even relaxed position that works perfectly for a couch or sofa. Simply put, one partner lays with their back against the back of the furniture while the other lays next to them—facing away or towards them, your choice.

The plus here is that, face-to-face, it’s perfect for a nestled in making out session or mutual masturbation, or when facing in the same direction, a great way for one person to massage the chest of the other while pressing their genitals against the ass of the other.

Best of all, the sofa back again can be used for leverage: meaning that both parties can use it to get even more vigorous in their movements. Yum!

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Over the Edge

Illustration of two people having intercourse on a couch. The receiving partner is bent over the arm of the couch with their upper body resting on the couch. The penetrating partner is straddling the receiving partner's hips for intercourse.

Like being taken from behind? Like taking someone from behind? Then here’s some great news: couches are perfect for this. Why? Well, unlike a bed (and we do promise to quit dishing that… other piece of furniture) sofas have those nice big, strong arms at either end.

Which can be ideal for the person on the receiving end to drape themselves over—and, just like that, no more aching shoulders or cramping legs!

Again, this all depends on your sofa and the anatomy of those involved, but if you do find yourself struggling to hold a doggy style pose then seriously consider employing your sofa as a possible solution.

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Solo Sofa

Illustration of one person masturbating on a couch. They're straddling the arm of the couch, with one leg on each side of the arm of the couch, to press their crotch into the couch to masturbate.

Here’s yet another advantage a couch has over a bed (okay, we lied a bit about laying off on mattresses): you can actually fuck it!

Well, sort of fuck it. It goes like this: just use a towel (just in case things get messy) over the arm of your favorite sofa, preferably one with nice, well-upholstered arms, and straddle it. It’s just that easy! Just make sure you have safety around the sofa in case you need to collapse afterward and misjudge the side that has the cushions.

Or, if you want to add something extra, just get your favorite penetrative toy, one that can be used with a thigh strap or tied down somehow, and get riding. You can also use non-penetrative toys as well—just make sure they are somehow secured as there’s nothing like your favorite buzzer getting knocked to the floor to kill the mood.

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Cushions for the Pushings

And there you have it: a whole range of sexual positions you can try on your sofa or couch. As with anything like them, though, always feel free to experiment. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a new one that will add that extra-special sexual thrill to this most favorite piece of furniture.

In the meantime, we hope that your positions have also given you a new insight on the couch: that while it’s great for watching shows, snuggling on cold Winter nights, taking a well-deserved nap, it can also be a fantastic and amazingly versatile tool for some truly wild sexual rides!

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