We're finally at the end of 2019 and for some, it has been a good for. For others, not so much. This last edition of Sex Stories We Love winds down the year that was and sets us on a path into 2020, a new year and a new decade!

2019 Goes out With a Bang

Well, this is good news. It seems people are having better sex. Like, folks are reporting that in 2019 they had the best sex of their lives! Folks are getting more adventurous and curious, and it is paying off with them getting off and loving it. As we close out a decade that has seen significant progress on sex-related social issues—both fun and serious—it is heartening to see that people seem to be investing more in their sex lives. While there are still many forces and powers that want to shut down our continually burgeoning sexual revolution, it is wonderful to note that the opportunity for pleasure, closeness, physical and emotional happiness, and connection is reaching people. Here's to an even better 2020.

Delightful Diaries

Still a little skeptical that great sex is happening around you? Check out these incredible selections from The Cut's ongoing series of Sex Diaries. These columns are one of my go-to reads as I meander through the steamy world of sex writing every week. These are the stories of the people in our offices, on the bus, and at the grocery store. Personally, I've always been fascinated by the possibility of what people do behind closed doors. With these submissions, we get to experience some low-key voyeurism and the writers get to live out a bit of exhibitionism. And it is all great for our growing understanding of the current sexual climate. Win, win, win!

Squishy and Sexy

So, 2020 is almost upon us and we're already being inundated with sex advice columns and articles. I'll be honest: you only need to read about five of these before you notice that most of the advice you read is repeated over and over and over again. But still, ya gotta keep your eyes peeled for something new and exciting, because you never know where you'll find some inspiration! Like...pillows! Sure, they are great to have around for sex—nobody wants to be uncomfortable. But pillows can also take many sexual positions to new levels of potential pleasure. No wonder they are such a popular bedroom accessory!

Now That's a Work Out!

With the new year approaching, we're also going to see countless articles about working out and sex. Annoyingly, most of these articles will be littered with photos of slim, toned, athletic-looking people who don't really reflect the rest of us. And sure, getting in better physical shape can help many aspects of our lives, including our sex lives. However, you don't need a six pack of enjoy great sex. Instead, try to eat a balanced diet, get the best sleep you can, stretch, and enjoy some physical exercise, and improve your cardio. And what better way to do that last one than with some vibrational accompaniment? Hack that super expensive exercise bike you picked up with a much more comfortable seat!

Helping and Hurting Trans People

2019 was both a groundbreaking and heartbreaking year for Trans folks. There has been a significant and positive movement forward, but there is also a still a strong, hateful tide to fight against. But you know a revolution is rising when celebrities start weighing in on an issue...for both the good and the bad. A couple of generations of people who grew up with Harry Potter were deeply hurt when JK Rowling sided with known transphobe Maya Forstater and the condemnation was swift. That was a helluva gut punch to end the year from someone who had seemingly been an ally. Instead, let's focus on the beautiful parenting story of basketball superstar Dwayne Wade. In supporting his daughter's transition, Wade notes that she is full of strength and courage and understands that his role, as a good father, is to educate himself about her needs. All the hugs to Zion Malachi Airamis, Dwayne, and the entire family for showing us that some people are moving in the right direction.

New Year, New Listens

Finally, as we head into the new year, why not give these sex and dating podcasts a listen and let us know if you think they're helpful!

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