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Keep Your Cool: 5 Unique Sex Toys Designed for Temperature Play

Published: AUGUST 31, 2015 | Updated: APRIL 16, 2020
There's no need to douse the hot flames of passion. Temperature lets you stay cool, even when things heat up outside - and between you and your partner.

Summer temperatures can drive even the most aroused among us to avoiding intimate body contact with our partners. After all, you're already sweating just from sitting on the couch - having sex is just going to make it worse. Use the heat to your advantage and select sex toys that will cool you both down as things start to heat up. Not only will the cool sensation of temperature play help keep you from bursting into flames, but a lot of people enjoy spicing things up with this orgasmic addition to their sex lives.

Finding ways to incorporate temperature play into the bedroom doesn't have to be difficult; in fact, you may already have toys in your home that can be chilled. Even if you don't own any sex toys, a quick look in your refrigerator might prove profitable for your sexual adventure. Get creative - and stay cool - with these tips.


Stainless Steel Sex Toys

One of the easiest ways to achieve temperature play is through toys made with temperature-friendly materials. Stainless steel happens to be one of those materials. When placed in a warm or cold environment, stainless steel quickly adapts to the temperature and becomes warmed or chilled. This works to your advantage for chilling temperature play. Leave a stainless steel toy in a bin of ice cubes or cold water for a bit, and it will become cold. If you're lazy, you can even just leave it in front of a strong-blowing fan or AC. As the toy will begin to warm with body heat, consider keeping a second stainless steel toy chilled and on standby if you'd like to have the chilled sensation for a longer period of time. The most popular stainless toys are those made by nJoy. Try the legendary Pure Wand or Pure Plug. These stainless steel Ben Wa balls would be fun too!

Glass Sex Toys

A more affordable alternative to stainless steel sex toys, glass toys can also be used for temperature play. Treated much like the stainless steel toys, they can be cooled or warmed depending on your needs and wants. They may, however, require a bit more time to retain those temperatures compared to stainless steel materials. They also tend to hold that temperature a bit longer than stainless steel does.

Ice Vibrator

This one might sound hard to achieve on your own, but it turns out that manufacturers are all over this! Using a soft material that doesn't freeze like water, you use the multi-part system to add water to the vibrator sleeve and put it in the freezer. When the sex toy is entirely frozen, you remove the toy from the freezer and slide the vibrator into the sleeve. Once that's all done, you'll have a vibrator that's attached to an ice cube for chilling, vibrating fun. Try the Foreplay Ice Chill Vibrator.


Ice Cubes

While ice cubes aren't technically a sex toy, they have been a staple for chilling temperature play for a long time. Ice cubes are cheap and easy to come by, but they can be dragged along the skin for a pleasurable feel. For best results, allow an ice cube to melt slightly before placing it on the skin; this will allow the ice cube to slide easily over the surface of the skin and may even leave a trail of water behind. Consider changing the shape of ice for any play ideas you have in mind (ice cubes especially designed for water bottles may work as meltable dildos), and don't forget to make some extra cubes in the fridge in case you want to continue past the first one.


You might not consider this a usual temperature play addition, but it can be! With all of the lube variations on the market, some lubricants include chilling ingredients that leave the skin tingling after application. Many of these lubricants may include menthol or other stronger ingredients. So, if your vaginal area is sensitive to harsher ingredients, you can always choose to use these lubricants on non-genital areas for the same, enjoyable effect. (Learn more in The Ins and Outs of Sexual Lubricants.)

These methods don't have to be the only ways that you experiment. If you come up with other ways to enjoy the chilled sensation during foreplay and sex, feel free to include them in your bedroom activities - and of course, share your secret so everyone else can try it for themselves!

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