If you want to know what turns people on sexually, there are plenty of ways to find out. You can ask them in person, make an online poll, or you can try to get an idea from poking around the reading materials or spank mags they keep handy. If you're a web based pornography purveyor like PornHub, you can just look at your own data.

PornHub's Sexy American Interests Breakdown

Recently, PornHub was kind enough to share a state-to-state breakdown of America's answer to the eternal question. Boobs or butts? Of course, we know that the wide world of sexuality goes far beyond "Baby Got Back" versus "Put 'Em On the Glass," but it's still fun to see that the posterior reigns supreme in the American south, the west, and just under the so-called bible belt. (Butts—under the Bible Belt? See what I did there?)

Meanwhile, Eastern states like Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are fans of the bosom. It's also worth noting that boobs are more popular in Iowa, Nebraska, the Dakotas, and Kansas. So, I guess that means that the flattest parts of America enjoy creamy mounds of boob flesh most of all.

PornHub's Look at World Wide Porn Interests

In PornHub's world wide porn breakdown by continent, butts are the clear winner in North and South America as well as in Africa. Never fear, ample chested ladies! Boobs are still preferred in Europe, Asia, Russia, and Australia.

If you're starting to notice that all the body parts in question seem to refer to women's bodies—you're not alone. Researching this article started to feel like a Game of Thrones marathon—by which I mean absolutely all the nudity was obviously for the enjoyment of men. World porn consumption indicates that butts are the preferred body part in all of Africa—with Tanzania, Ghana, and I am not making this up—Djibouti (pronounced Ja-Booty) being the most butt-loving of all. So I guess "Djibouti" isn't just a clever name.

The popularity of other body parts and partialisms measured by PornHub include legs, feet, pregnancy as partiality, and vaginas. Feet, easily the most fetishized non-sexual body part, seem to be very popular in the Middle East as well as parts of South America and Africa. Since the stats are taken from the type of pornography being searched for and/or consumed, the numbers don't differentiate between partialism (being drawn to a specific body part) and fetishism (requiring the involvement of a specific body part in order to achieve arousal or climax). So, we can't be sure if we're talking about foot fetishists or foot admirers. Fans of feet assure me that they are two different things. Feet also seem to attract the most specific search terms. "Big feet" or "long toes" are both popular subsets of foot culture.

Greenland seems to love boobs more than any other country on Earth. China and Indonesia lead the world in their pornographic admiration for pregnant ladies. Turkey, Poland, Finland, and Ethiopia search for leg porn over any other kind. Who is searching for vaginas? Congo, Ghana, South Sudan, Papua New Guinea, and Venezuela lead the world in it.

This might not exactly be information that you look up before traveling, but it is interesting (and a little funny) to see how sexual interest in various body parts measures up all over the world. We can only hope PornHub keeps us apprised of the various body parts that people search for in the future. Maybe next time you're on PornHub, you should search for "ear lobe" or "uvula" just to keep them on their long, shapely toes.

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