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5 Must-Have Toys for Boys

Published: DECEMBER 17, 2014 | Updated: JUNE 30, 2020 11:39:05
These five categories of male pleasure products are quickly going mainstream.

There’s a hilarious video making the rounds in our office this week. Struggling young actors announce that they just got hired by a film studio … to have explicit sex on camera. Then, they describe said sex scenes in very raw detail to their horrified friends and family. But there’s one final twist: it’s not porn - it’s HBO. The actors’ friends and family burst into applause and choke back tears of happiness at this news.


While this video is a parody, the satire is obvious: sex is sex, whether it’s on HBO or PornHub. We are in the middle of a modern-day sexual revolution, in which sexuality has become so mainstream that we hardly even notice half of the constant stream of sexual stimuli we’re being flooded with on a daily basis. Sex toys at the drug store. Erotic literature displayed next to young adult novels. Pole dancing classes at the local gym. It’s all sex, all the time, no matter where you turn.

One result of this normalization of sexuality is that the sex toy market has evolved to accommodate the needs of men, a once elusive demographic within the pleasure product industry. While the main search results under "sex toys for men" are still generally marketed to either gay men or straight couples, the sex toy industry has increasingly been growing its focus toward the male market, which has seen an influx of modern, sleek-looking products being introduced over the past few years.

When it comes to sex toys for men, it seems the question of the day is no longer "Should I?" but "Which one should I?" So, without further ado, here’s a rundown on the top five categories of sex toys for boys. Keep it handy for your next trip to the sex shop, ladies and gentlemen. And remember, the gift-giving season is fast approaching!


Every man should own at least one masturbator, whether he’s single, coupled up, or none-of-the-above. Also called "strokers," masturbators are the No.1 most-requested category on the male toy market. And, contrary to popular belief, they’re not all called "Fleshlights." Made of plush materials that replicate the feel and warmth of the human body, the best-quality masturbators feel so incredibly lifelike that our male customers often tell us they can’t believe it took them so long to buy one. Some are large, some are handheld, and some even come with extras, like strategically placed vibrating bullets.


Bonus: Masturbators have gotten a ton of style upgrades in recent years, and some of them look so cool, they could double as an art piece for your home.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Cock rings are the gift that keeps on giving. They’re not just about helping men last longer in bed. While regular cock rings do provide delayed ejaculation and stronger, harder erections, the addition of a vibrating bullet means that a man’s partner, whether male or female (flip the bullet up or down so it stimulates either the clitoris or the testicles, respectively), will be in a whole new world of pleasure with each thrust. A vibrator and a penis - it’s a no-brainer.


BDSM products have never been more popular. In fact, they’ve become so commonplace in the sex toy lexicon that most people might not realize that not long ago, BDSM was considered too taboo for the mainstream market in the adult industry. So what happened?

The "50 Shades of Grey" effect is very real. It would be impossible to overstress how powerful of an impact the books have had on the sex toy market. More and more consumers are buying BDSM items, including paddles, restraints, collars and masks. As long as you play by the rules (consent and communication are essential, etc.), BDSM gear can add some fun novelty to the bedroom or add a whole new layer of excitement to your sex life. (Find out why so many people are loving a little kink in 6 Little-Known Health Benefits of Kinky Sex.)


Penis Pumps

Penis pumps were originally developed to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve and maintain an erection. But nowadays, pumps are more often used to enhance erections or (if the pump features an insertable donut,) as an accessory for masturbation. The deluxe versions even feature a measuring gauge to monitor progress!

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers do exactly what you’d imagine they’d do: they massage the prostate.

I know this one might be still be a touchy subject for some of you out there, but the benefits of prostate massage are well-documented, and many men report having the best climax they’ve ever experienced after trying it. Similar to how women have a G-spot, men have a P-spot (the prostate gland), which is located just inside the entrance to their anus. Google it.

The Future of Male Sex Toys

You might have noticed that the emphasis here has not necessarily been focused on the most high-tech toys. In truth, most of the toys you see in the magazines that promise to be "the future of sex) are either not for sale and are searching for crowd-funding, or they’re so expensive that they’re just not an option for most people. And that’s okay! Because while a lot of these "teledildonics" might look cool, sex toys are for pleasure, and there are plenty of pleasurable, design-friendly sex toys that don’t require any NASA equipment. The future of male sex toys is a perfect balance of form and function, style and substance. Men need sex toys just as much as women, and the industry is finally answering their call with creative, high-quality adult toys … for the boys.

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