Who doesn't love sex toys? I'd be willing to wager a bet that every sex positive American has at least one—but I'm also sure that most of us have yet to splurge on a butt plug in the shape of our (least) favorite political figures.

The increasing popularity of 3D printing has facilitated unbridled creativity when it comes to designing simple plastic or silicone sex toys. Ever wanted to tell Vladmir Putin where to shove his snide ideology? Now you can! The Mr Putin Plug is proudly made in America. Yeah, because if a Russian did it, he'd find himself breaking rocks next to the chicks from Pussy Riot. Also made in Amercia: an anal titillation toy in the shape of Korean dictator and hairstyle trendsetter, Kim Jong Un. These full color toys are still in beta, which means their manufacturers are standing by to hear your helpful tips for improvement.

Do we really want to stick the likenesses of world leaders, even awful ones, where the sun don't shine? Probably not. But it's nice to have the option…

The good people at Necronimicox also have a unique twist on sex toys, including several made with an eye for horror. Their ancient-evil-inspired designs are constructed from durable silicone in a single color. This makes them safe for repeated use and cleaning. Have you really never considered masturbating to the dark lord Cthulhu? Maybe that's because you didn't realize you had the option. At 7" long with a diameter of 1.75", the Mini-Mythos sounds about average. Prefer something for anal action? Ghatan is a nubbed butt plug, good for about 3.5" of insertion—which also happens to have scary tentacles.

Have you heard about London artists Bompas and Parr? Among other things, they create sexy exhibits, some of which have been displayed at New York's Museum of Sex. As part of what they call their "Erotic Funhouse," they've designed and built a giant bouncy castle made up of inflatable female breasts. Yes, it is now possible for grown adults to jump around in a giant room full of enormous boobs. Every straight teenage boy's dream has finally come true.

There are countless uses for sex toys. They can be collected, displayed, played with, discussed, restricted by legislation and often, they can inspire laughter. As design technology continues to improve, inventive designers will keep coming up with new and hilarious ways to aid everyone in having all the orgasms they can handle. And that's always good news!

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