Ever wonder about what makes people want to share their sexual hijinks, habits, turn-ons and disappointments online? Here are a few stories from the past week about people who do and what we can learn about them - and ourselves.

The Stories Behind the Images

Every one of the millions of erotic and pornographic photos and videos on the Internet evokes some kind of thought or fantasy or tells a story. But did you ever wonder about the stories about what goes on behind the photos we see and videos we watch?

Erica Jagger of A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age gives a personal look at almost everything that took place behind a recent ménage a trois boudoir shoot - from parking problems to the synergy and alchemy between the photographers and the people in creating the scenes. Erica also dishes on her reasons for making this photo shoot a fantasy come true, something I’m sure will lend to an extra erotic charge once she shares these photos.

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Watching Sex Is Not Like Watching Porn

Those of you who are big fans of Make Love Not Porn are probably very familiar with Modesty Ablaze. She and her husband and friends are always pushing boundaries in the sauciest ways. But unlike most other adult videos, hers are filled with genuine planned spontaneity between intimate partners, not scripted and choreographed scenes between professional actors. Get her take on why she loves to film and watch sex - but not porn - in this post.

The Most Unusual Turn-Ons

Even the kinkiest among us might exercise some self-censorship when it comes to talking about turn-ons. But when given the chance to come clean anonymously, in the name of science, Dr. Justin Lehmiller found out about a whole bunch of wackiness when he asked people about the most unusual thing they’ve seen that have turned them on.

Among the top 10 most unusual things that turned people on you'll find infidelity, a duck gang rape and Jabba the Hut from "Star Wars." Lehmiller said that nude relatives and incest were other common themes.

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Spreading the Sheets

By now, we’ve all heard about the guy who sent his wife a spreadsheet of all the times his wife rejected his sexual advances and how she posted it to Reddit. If you haven’t, here's the Deadspin story that broke this passive display of aggression to the world.

That lesson in how not to settle your sex and relationship problems didn’t prevent others from sharing TMI on the Internet. Guyism shared a spreadsheet about a woman who tracked her husband’s refusals. HuffPost Divorce wrote about a guy on Reddit who posted a spreadsheet of all of the times his wife agreed to have sex with him ... and the one time she didn’t.

But Dr. Ian Kerner, sex and relationship therapist and author of "She Comes First," says that tracking your sex life on Excel may not be such a bad thing. "A lot of couples really do disagree about how often they have sex or when they had sex last. He just used the information in absolutely the wrong way," Kerner told the Chicago Tribune.

Hookup Humor

If you thought looking for a casual hookup was easier than looking for a happily-ever-after, you might want to take out your calculator. Evie from Evie the Rabbit put together a hilarious chart of the types of people who message you when you’re looking for casual sex on OKCupid. She even broke down the types of people by percentages with people you’d want to meet at 0.5%.

But that isn't the only surprising statistic about casual sex that appeared this week. The Daily Currant reports that casual sex has gone up 83% since Obamacare took effect in January. It cites a woman who says, "Before Obamacare I lived with my long-term boyfriend Peter. I thought he was my soulmate. We were planning on getting married and starting a family. But now that Obama’s paying for my contraception, I feel like I should sleep with as many men as possible. Just last night I fucked 12 guys in an alley behind a 7-11. And tomorrow I’m going to get DPed for the first time by some people I met on Tinder. Thanks, Obama!"

For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Daily Currant, it’s a satire news site. Sadly, while The Daily Currant’s figure is more fiction than fact, we doubt Evie’s numbers are too far off the mark.

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