This past week saw the launch of Adult Sex Ed Month, bringing in an avalanche of interesting stories from around the Web. Here are a few favorites, plus a few other interesting tidbits.

The Princess and The Whore

In a recent SFWeekly column, sex worker, podcaster and writer Siouxsie Q exposes sex workers' love for Disneyland, kneels at the feet of an evil queen and dreams about having a drug-fueled (pixie dust is a drug, right?) fling with Tinkerbell. This may be the best article written about Disneyland ever. And not just because Siouxsie mentions hanging out with me!

Size Matters ... and It's Not As Small As We Thought

As it turns out, a woman's clitoris is not a tiny piece of flesh resting just above the front of the vaginal opening like an on/off button. Nope, it's a much larger organ, about the size of a man's penis, tucked up inside and out of view. Naomi Rutledge, a writer over at, was shocked upon finding out this information, so she did more research on the history of clitoral studies and came across some interesting stories. For example, did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte’s niece, Marie Bonaparte, had her clit voluntarily moved. Yup. You'd better follow up on that one. (And if you're interested in learning a whole lot about sex science, check out Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex.)

It's Adult Sex Ed Month!

June is Adult Sex Ed Month and in celebration, sex educator Kate McCombs picks her top six favorite sex ed videos. Amazingly enough, neither Walt Disney's The Story of Menstruation, nor this amazing family planning video from 1968 (also by Walt Disney) made the cut.

In honor of Adult Sex Ed Month, the hashtag #AdultSexEdMonth is flooded with interesting stories. Some are educational like Kate's, while others others are personal, like this post about sex after 40 and this post on I Married a Sex God about enjoying humiliation with her husband. There are a few how to's in there as well, like how to give the ultimate hand job. You're welcome.

A Fond Farewell

This is my last weekly Sex Stories We Love. I am becoming a certified life coach and working on a women's empowerment workshop and with all the other things going on in my life, I haven't been able to give this the attention it deserves. I wanted to leave you with one last story, though. It's a heart warming story of a girl who gave it her all, in the most hilarious way,
to help a young man embrace his homosexuality by having sex with him.

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