As summer approaches, we're seeing more sun, more skin ... and more Truck Nuts? This week's sex stories take a look at that strange trend, along with some incredible facts about erogenous zones, a word on sexual pleasure and sex ed, and a story with a very sad ending.

Where's the Beef?

This past week, Janel Mills over on In The Powder Room asks about Truck Nuts. It's a question we've all had. Or at least I know I have. I remember the first time I saw a pair. I was driving with my mom and we got stuck in traffic right behind them. It was, needless to say, awkward. The more I tried not to stare, the more impossible I found it not to stare. And, of course, my mother was watching me stare. Janel Mills' main question, though, is why not big, swinging truck dicks? According to Mills, "the dong is the start of the junk show." What do you think?

Incredible Facts About Erogenous Zones

Nerve lists 10 incredible facts about erogenous zones complete with some very distracting gifs. As a long-time sex educator, I knew most of them, but I was surprised to learn about the erotic possibilities of the navel. Personally, the only thing getting poked in my navel makes me want to do it poke the poker in the eye. But as the list states, to each their own.

Oral Thoughts

At Slantist, A. V. Flox compiled an illustrated guide to what people are thinking during oral sex. I must admit that I have thought almost all of these things at one time or another during oral ... but haven't we all? I know we all like our partners to think that we are only thinking about how much we love dining on their intimate bits, but realistically, fellatio is time-consuming work, and other thoughts tend to creep in.

Sex and Pleasure and Sex Ed

On Pacific Standard, author Alice Dreger asks, what if, as part of sex ed, we taught our kids that most of the sex people have is for pleasure? It seems like such a crazy idea that it just might work. Dreger writes about how she has educated her 9-year-old son, and contrasts that with what he and his friends are being taught at school. If you're a parent, this is a must-read.

A Heartbreaking Movie Ending

Last month, Alyssa Funke, a young woman who had recently shot her first pornographic film, committed suicide. Some media outlets have grasped at the story to show that porn is indeed a dark and horrible life-destroying industry. Others are using it to show how cyber bullying can push a person to suicide. No one seems to be addressing the fact that suicide is usually a sign of mental illness. It can be triggered by an event such as cyber bullying, but depression, which the young woman in question was known to have suffered from, is usually the main cause. And depression is known to strike all industries, not just those who work in porn.

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