At 31, someone recently told me that I’m past my sexy peak. I responded with a hearty laugh, a loud "hell no I’m not!," and a list of sexy seniors still living it up. While society is still way behind on senior sex ed, there are lots of great articles and studies out there to prove that meaningful, mind-blowing sex can be had at any age (including this recent one right here on Kinkly that inspired this senior sex round-up).

It's Naked Time

In a culture consumed with looking young and fit, it’s easy to feel self-conscious of your body as it naturally ages. But fear not! These blog posts will help boost that self-esteem right up:

STI Rates Rising in Seniors

A recent New York Times article broke down the statistics of senior sex, showing that half of men and 40 percent of women over 60 are sexually active. Increased sexual activity means increased transmission of STIs for seniors, and more than 2.2 million Medicaid members took advantage of free STI screenings in 2012. For more on senior sex and STI prevention, check out this blog post by Walker Thornton.

My Favorite Senior Sex Bloggers

The New York Times article above pushed for more sexual education for seniors, and I couldn’t agree more. But we need more than just a condom slipped in with Social Security checks like the author suggests; we need comprehensive conversations about protection - and pleasure.

Fortunately, some wonderfully intelligent writers are doing just that on their blogs dedicated to senior sex. Joan Price, blogger at Better Than I Ever Expected and author of "Naked at Our Age," "Better Than I Ever Expected," and "Ageless Erotica," is probably the most prolific author in the field. Even at 31, I’ve learned a lot about self-confidence and intimacy from Joan.

Dating Never Gets Easier

Dating as a senior has its own special issues - like how much perfume to wear and whether your widower date is really ready to be romantic again. Sienna Jai Fein covers all those concerns and more on her blog Dating Senior Men. Blogger Walker Thornton addresses similar dating issues along with other senior sexual topics like masturbation, STIs and being a senior sex writer, on her site (and now for Kinkly as well). For the male perspective, check out Charlie Glickman and Dr. Marty Klein, both of whom I admire for their work in the field.

LGBT Seniors Face Discrimination

Whether searching for a retirement community or attempting to get spousal Social Security benefits, same-sex partners, gender non-conforming people and LGBT people in general find it difficult to find the services they need during retirement and old age. For more information on LGBT elder law, check out the work of the National Center for Lesbian Right’s Elder Law Project.

Senior Citizens With a Sense of Humor

The one thing all dating seniors need is a sense of humor, and these personal ads from senior citizens in Florida are ripe with hilarity. You should also see this claymation video seniors made to bring about awareness for safe sex.

The Unfortunate Side-Effects of Grief

Many seniors who are dating are dealing with grief in some form, and that grief is going to affect their sexual desires. Sienna Jai Fein has some advice on how to tell if your partner is really ready to move on and date again, while Joan Price has a touching piece about the last time she shared her partner’s body (warning: bring tissues to read this one).

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