This week's sex stories are all about a very important topic: sex education. The truth is that children, adults, parents and everyone in between could stand to learn more about sex, their bodies, sexuality and sexual pleasure. If everyone was having more hot, steamy, safe, satisfying sex, the world would be a better place. Or at least a happier, more orgasmic one. Check out some of the stories from around the Web this week for more insight.

Sex Ed: Too Little, Too Late

This past week, the CDC announced that may teens are not learning about sex ed, including contraception or how to negotiate or say no, until after they are already having sex. In fact, only 15 percent used a form of birth control deemed moderately effective the first time they had sex, and 23 percent admitted to not using any form of birth control. Here's to hoping schools step up soon.

Hoping for No.13

I hope you're all have amazing sex but overall, Americans' sex lives might be lacking - at least compared to the great sex people are apparently having in other countries. That's according to Alternet's list of the top 12 most sexually satisfied countries, upon which the U.S. is nowhere to be found. Of course, I'm really curious as to the science behind this list. Who did they ask? How did they rate sexual satisfaction? Are people in India and Nigeria really more sexually satisfied then most Americans?

Give a Girl a Hand

One of my favorite blogs, A Good Woman's Dirty Mind, had a great article about vaginal fingering techniques this past week. ALL the techniques. I'm not sure I've ever seen such a detailed list of all the ways to touch a vagina. It makes me want to borrow one to try a few out! And should you and I ever have a sleep over, you should start with The Crescent Moon. (Get more hot tips in Stroke That: How to Rub Her the Right Way.)

Hot For Teacher

Porn star Madison Young is teaching a class in both New York City and San Francisco on how to get it on like a porn star complete with intimacy labs and live demos on starlets. The class will include instruction in deepening connection through orgasmic kissing, G-spot stimulation, basic bondage and much more. If you're looking to expand your sexual skills, it might be worth a look.

Sex Ed Fail

Fact: Mississippi sex ed classes teach that homosexuality is illegal. (Even though it isn't ... anymore). They're also teaching kids that "unnatural intercourse is the detestable and abominable crime against nature committed with mankind or with a beast," and that girls are no longer valuable after they have sex. (They demonstrated this by passing around a piece of chocolate and showing how dirty it got after many people had touched it.) Can someone in Mississippi get their facts straight before presenting them to kids? Oh, and maybe stop comparing women's genitals to candy? Please?

Talk to Your Kids

If you have kids and want to take a more fact-based, sex positive approach to teaching them about sex, start with Sexplainer's article on how to talk to your daughter about her vulva. It's awesome, it's informative, and at no point does she compare the vulva to any type of confection.

Finally, I leave you with Nerve's five most awkward sex ed videos of all time. Ironically, several of these are still used in Mississippi.

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