This week's roundup is all about being ethical. Whether you're recycling sex toys, thinking about good sex ed or wondering about how you can torture your significant other with a Bluetooth-enabled bra, sexual life is filled with ethical quandaries. Yes, you read that part about the bra right. Read on to learn more.

Recycling Sex Toys

Have a few old toys you’re ready to throw out but don’t want to add to landfills? Well, it’s not as easy as dumping them with the other plastic. This past week, wrote on the complicated issues surrounding recycling sex toys, including sanitation, privacy and the logistics of collecting all those old dildos and butt plugs. It's great food for thought. Check it out.

Semen Cookbook

Ever though about cooking with cum? Yeah, me neither. But apparently, Paul Photenhauer has, and he’s made a cookbook with loads full of recipes (pun totally intended).

The Bra That Tells You If You’re in Love

Ok, I know Kinkly already reported on this last week, but I just had to emphasize it again: There is a bra - yes, as in, an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder - that only unclasps if you’re in love. Well, actually, it tells if your heart is reacting to someone as if in love. The implications for this and love don’t excite me nearly as much as the idea of using this as a torture device. The wheels they are a turnin’!

The Feminist Porn Award Winners Are Announced

If you haven't heard of feminist porn, well, you will. This new genre of dirty movies is made by and for women and it's been getting some press lately. This past week, the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards winners were announced. Check it out. This is better than the Oscars, folks.

Porn As Sex Ed?

As sex ed continues to disappear from schools, youg people are increasingly learning about sex from porn, which is, well, everywhere. In response, leading producers, stars, directors and educators have started to make more educational films. But what happens when the act you want to educate about is banned from most distributors? Lux Alptraum discuss this in her article about Pink and White Productions’ how-to fisting guide.

Handjobs in Manhattan

Tina Horn – dominatrix, porn star and hand job parlor worker – wrote a beautifully honest and often funny piece for about her least favorite kind of sex work. “I soon began to think of my job as being the facilitator of adult males' naptimes.” Check it out here.

How To Reject Sex

Not really feeling like sex tonight? Rachel Kramer Bussel wrote a piece for on how to rebuke your lover without hurting their feelings. It includes advice from sex geeks like Reid Mihalko - and yours truly.

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