This past week marked the end of the Super Bowl sports frenzy - and the start of a new one. The Winter Olympics kicked off in Sochi on February 7th, and will see people around the world glued to their TV sets watching athletes perform. But anecdotal evidence suggests that athletes are pretty active during their off-time too, often in pairs events. What would you do if you were stuck in a dorm with hundreds of fit, good-looking people from around the world? We'll take a look at that and other top news this week.

The Male Gaze in Porn

Ms. Naughty and put together a hilarious, partially safe-for-work video on the male gaze in porn, complete with commentary from a cartoon dog and silly sound effects. Definitely watch it with the volume up (and headphones on if you are at work).

Men Getting Undressed

Let’s switch to the female gaze for a moment, with this list of gifs of men getting naked, which may also be entertaining for men. Did that get you all riled up and wanting more? Lady Cheeky’s Tumblr is always a good place for naked men. It's totally pornographic and not safe for work. (And now you really want to check it out, right?)

Porn vs. The Super Bowl

You'll find porn lovers in any audience, but the Super Bowl certainly targets the right demographic. So how does the Super Bowl affect traffic to porn sites? PornHub tracked that for you.

World-Class Sex

With the Winter Olympics underway, many commenters are wondering whether Sochi will be a safe place for LGBT people. Sex is the universally played sport at the Olympics. 100,000 condoms were given out during London’s hosting days. There's even a rumor that Grindr crashed due to high levels of activity in Sochi. But President Putin's comments suggest that gay athletes aren't truly welcome, and we can only imagine that the same goes for any public displays of affection. Honestly, though, if they didn’t want gay hook-ups, why did they make two-man toilets?


Janet Mock’s new book, "Redefining Realness" came out this past week and focuses on her life as a highly-visible trans woman, and the struggles, triumphs and portrayals of women and girls like her (see the #GirlsLikeUs hashtag for inspiring stories). Her appearance this week on Piers Morgan started a Twitter storm from both sides, but I much prefer her interviews with The Frisky and Buzzfeed.

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