This week's news was all about Super Bowl hype - and commercials - but sex didn't escape the mix. It never does. We'll get into sex at the Super Bowl, but first, a wake-up call and a look at the future of sex. Enjoy!

The Little Rooster That Could

Best. Alarm clock. Ever. And by that I mean an clock that wakes you with an orgasm. I mean, morning sex is great, but morning sex minus the morning breath and the "I'm sorry, what was your name again?" is brilliant. I'm somewhat skeptical that it would actually wake me with an orgasm though. I may have to test it. Lost At E Minor interviews the inventor about how they came to decide on the final design.

The Future of Sex

Speaking of futuristic sex, Tristan Taormino talks with Shay Martin from Vibratex, Tantus CEO Metis Black, and Good Vibrations' Coyote Days about the future of sex on "Sex Out Loud Radio." She also interviews Coco of Ice Loves Coco about building sexual self confidence, and if ANYONE can speak about building sexual self confidence, the Queen of the Squat (and my personal hero), Coco, can.

Wicked Wives Punishing Neglectful Husbands

If you would like your sex podcast a little less mind focused, and a little more pants focused, I have been loving Dirty Bit Podcast lately. This week, it's wicked wives who punish neglectful husbands. Mmm … cuckolding. Such good clean fun!

Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl ... Or Not

The rumor that the Super Bowl is "commonly known as the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States" pops up every year. Being a long-time sex worker myself, I have soo many things to say about this, but because this is a round up, I will let others speak for me.

First, Maggie McNeill writes about the mythical invasion of the Super Bowl hookers.

There's also a piece in the New York Times about how the Super Bowl sex-trafficking hype isn’t just unfounded - it is actively harmful. According to this article, the notion of sex trafficking creates bad policy by forcing local law enforcement to dedicate tremendous resources to targeting everyone engaged in prostitution.

And it makes my teeth itch every year as the media continues to use the terms human trafficking, sex trafficking and prostitution interchangeably. In fact, it makes it almost impossible to enjoy my sexist goDaddy commercial and my (possibly more than) seven-layer dip.

Is Sex Work a Career?

All that context makes this final article even more interesting. The ever so luscious Siouxsie Q wrote an amazing piece about her experiences as a sex worker in San Francisco for SF Weekly. I love both Siouxsie Q and the sex scene in San Francisco and think this may be the best thing I've read all week. Commenters on this article debate whether sex work's a real career. What do you think?

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