As new sex studies continue to emerge, they bring more good news on the benefits of a healthy sex life. It's good for the body! It's good for your relationship! The latest study also says it's good for your brain. Check it out, along with some of the other sex-related stories I was able to round up this week.

Sex Makes You Smarter!

Sex. It not only makes you feel good, according to a studies in both Maryland and South Korea, it also makes you smarter. Texas jumped in there with its own study and tried to say that excessive porn viewing can cause permanent anatomical and pathological changes to the brain. Then, the University of California, Los Angeles debunked the Texas study. There was also a study that seems to lead researchers to believe that sex can help stave off Alzheimer's and mild cognitive impairment. The bottom line? We should probably all have more sex ... just to be safe.

Should 13 Year Olds Know Ways To Express Sexual Feelings?

Meanwhile, in Kansas, a poster describing ways to express sexual feelings was posted along with other health and science materials as part of an abstinence-based health curriculum aimed at middle schoolers. Activities listed included everything from hugging or holding hands to anal sex. Local parents lost their minds and demanded the poster removed. It was. Were these things you knew about when you were 13? Would you talk to your 13 year old about them? Check out the poster and tell us what think in the comments.

Excuse Me ... You've Got Something Weird In Your Butt

Have you found yourself wondering what weird things have had to be removed from people's butts in the last year? Wonder no longer! Cosmo has posted the X-rays of twenty insane things found in butts. I won't ruin them for you, but I'm still laughing at the captions on the pictures. I thought these might be doctored, so I reached out to my mother who assured me that yes, the ER doctors at the hospital she worked at had a collection of x-rays just like these ones. (Ducky Doolittle explains how this happens - and how to enjoy safe anal play - in Why You Shouldn't Have Anal Sex.)

Size Doesn't Matter

I want to find more fun, sexy smaller blogs to read this year and will be looking to promote them here and on my personal space. Please let me know your favorites! Two small, but sexy blogs had great posts this week:

Marie Franklin at I Married a Sex God has a great post this week about hair play. Everyone loves to have their hair played with. It can be relaxing, sexy and intimate. Marie details many ways to incorporate it into your love life.

Dan at Online-Slavery has a great satirical post about how to be an on-line financial domme. This is especially hilarious to anyone in the industry.

Well, that's about it. If you spot a sex story you love, send it to Kinkly.

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