Top-10 lists get a bad rap among bloggers as fluff pieces, but I love a well-written, well-researched list, especially if it has to do with sex (or teacup pigs). Here’s a mix of some of the sexiest top-10 favorites I could find.

Best And Worst Sex Stories From 2013

This post on Gamelink’s Naked Truth made me LOL in the literal sense. I love that three of these stories come from Wisconsin alone, including "Thong Cape Scooter Man." I think it’s all the cheese.

Best Sex Scenes in 2013

Get your Netflix queue ready, there are some steamy scene descriptions in this list by The Daily Beast. I’m happy to see lots of queer sex made it into films in 2013 too!

The Best and Worst Things That Have Been In a Sex Blogger's Vagina

Kendra Holliday over at The Beautiful Kind put together two deeply personal and honest lists of the best and worst things that have been in her vagina. The lists can be a bit triggering, but I love her honesty and think stories like hers need to be shared so others don’t feel alone.

Top Must-See Sessions for Catalyst Con East

Catalyst Con East is coming up in March, and I’m honored to be a part of the Opening Keynote Plenary. I’m also honored to have made it on Bex Talks Sex’s list of must-attend sessions. Shockingly, Catalyst Con was my first conference about just sex. It was liberating to be around such open communication about this taboo world in which I work. It’s even where I first met the editors of Kinkly!

Places You Must Have Sex in 2014

OK, this one was written for 2013, but I didn’t get around to having sex in any of these places last year, so I’m rereading this article for 2014 inspiration. Have you had sex in any of these exotic locales? I hadn’t even heard of half of them ... but now I want to go to all of them.

Have you seen any other sexy top-10 lists? Share them in the comments!

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