Hi! I'm Mona Darling. Lauren Fleming (aka Queerie Bradshaw) and I are taking over "Sex Stories We Love" from here on out. I write at www.DarlingPropaganda.com about sex and parenting as The Dominatrix Mommy Blogger. Yes. I really am a Dominatrix. Since some of you might have questions about what a Dominatrix REALLY does, I thought I would start off with this post, which features a nice little infographic to spell it all out. So, now that we have that out of the way, here are some great posts from the past week.

Naughty Holiday Gift Guides

Being that we're well into December, I thought I would start with a couple of sexy holiday gift-giving guides. My Secret Luxury has his and hers lists, including many couples toys. I'm really happy to see SO many couples toys hitting the market these days. Over at The Frisky, they are enjoying 25 Days of Sexmas with some of their favorite toys, including a few give-aways. Lovehoney has their top-10 list up, including several affordable naughty treats for stocking stuffers. Finally, for those of you who are looking for something a little silly, lets jump in the way-back machine and go all the way back to this post Hey Epiphora wrote last July about Terrible Sex Toys she used to lust after. It's one part hilarious, one-party cringe-worthy and all fun to read.

Naughty Holiday Gifts for the DIY Type

Nadine at Adorkable Undies teaches you how to make your own massage oil, which can be a great gift for people who would be inclined to give you a massage! And to take it a step further, Sabotage Times has a great list of DIY sex toys, including a Fleshlight-type toy made with a Pringles can. Yes, a Pringles can. You're not going to look at those the same way ever again, are you? Of course, as Chloe Cross points out over on Vice, sometimes DIY sex toys, while great fun to make, are just not going to get the job done.

Naughty Green Gifts

Cosmo and The Date Report both have great top-10 list of eco-friendly sex toys, including a solar vibrator, chemical-free toy cleaners, an eco-friendly butt plug that gives a percentage of its earnings to green charities, and condoms made by workers who are paid a fair living wage. Now that's hot!

I hope your holiday season treats you well. Remember to take time to enjoy the people you love. And by the way, The Frisky looked into whether - with all that holiday travel - you could or would have sex in someone else's home.

I was not surprised at all by the findings.

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