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The Top 10 New Vibrators You Should Try in 2016

Published: FEBRUARY 12, 2016 | Updated: APRIL 20, 2020
Whether you're in the mood for something new or seeking a gift for someone you love, consider adding these to your wish list.

Maybe your favorite vibe isn't doing it for you anymore. Or, maybe you're in the mood for something new. Maybe you want to wow your partner with a really sexy gift. Maybe you don't even have a vibrator (yet!). Or, maybe you're just all, like, hello there, shiny new vibrator. Whatever the reason, buying a new vibe has become a big decision. And that isn't such a bad thing. There has been some great innovation in vibrators over the past few years, which means there are more amazing options out there than ever before - and they're getting better and better at doing what they do. We love sex toys, so we've set out to pick out some of the toys that are getting the most buzz.

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The Womanizer

This unusual toy has a strangely condescending name and, let's face it, it looks like a bedazzler designed by a 1980s soap opera starlet. Actually, it's a little at odds with this list, because it isn't even a vibrator, exactly. It stimulates the clitoris using suction. But, despite all this, we just couldn't leave out because, against all odds, it appears to work. The Womanizer got positive - even rave - reviews pretty much across the board. Plus, you have to give this toy credit for being unique. Even if The Womanizer's name and design may not be in line with what people want out of a sex toy, its performance suggests that its designers certainly understand how to arouse female bodies - if not their aesthetic tastes.

The The Top 10 New Vibrators You Should Try in 2016

Magic Wand Rechargeable

The Magic Wand is hardly new. In fact, the original model hasn't changed much since it debuted in the 1970s. And that's a good thing. Most people would kill its makers (Vibratex) for daring to change this high-powered orgasm machine. But it looks like Vibratex got this classic vibe's makeover just right when it released the Magic Wand Rechargeable. This updated, cordless version is just as strong as the plug-in version and can run for more than four straight hours without being recharged. It's also quieter and is sporting a silicone (rather than rubber) head. If you have the old Magic Wand, maybe it's time for an upgrade. If you don't, well, you probably need this.


The The Top 10 New Vibrators You Should Try in 2016

Tantus Rumble

At the time of writing, the Rumble hadn't yet been released and was still in production, but it's been on our radar since the IndieGogo campaign to fund its production launched in October 2015. Tantus is known for making smartly designed, body-safe toys silicone sex toys, so we have high hopes for this vibe. So, here's the scoop: Rumble is billed as powerful, ergonomic and gender-neutral. It also has removable silicone heads, which should make it much easier to clean and sterilize than other powerful massagers. If you're looking for a big, strong, smartly designed vibe, this might be the one. Check it out here.


LELO's reputation as a maker of high-quality pleasure products has been secure for some time, but it didn't exactly have the prostate market in the bag. That changed in 2015, when LELO released a new line of prostate massagers, including the LOKI, LOKI WAVE, BRUNO and HUGO. According to reviews, all hit the mark relatively well, but the standout here was definitely HUGO. This sleek prostate massager represents sex toy technology at its finest. It is body safe, powerful, rechargeable, waterproof and includes a SenseMotion remote control, which allows the user to control vibration intensity with hand gestures. LELO claims the HUGO "has the potential to increase the size and intensity of male climax by 33%." We'll leave it up to you to discover whether that claim holds up, but it's definitely worth talking about. (Get some tips on prostate toys in Guys, Here's How to Hit the P-Spot Using a Toy.)


The The Top 10 New Vibrators You Should Try in 2016


Hot Octopuss PULSE II

The PULSE II by Hot Octopuss is billed as one of the few vibes out there designed specifically for a penis. And, according to reviews, this thing does the job. Unlike the initial version of the toy, the PULSE I, this one's fully waterproof and includes nine powerful speeds. Plus, it kind of looks like a little Darth Vader helmet.

The The Top 10 New Vibrators You Should Try in 2016

We-Vibe Rave

Many people love the We-Vibe Touch or Tango, but it's been a while since We-Vibe unveiled something brand new. Well, now they've introduced a brand new G-spot vibrator called the Rave. It's got the power, it's got the curve that targets the G-spot, but what it also has is soft edges and a slight asymmetrical twist to its shape, which is designed to better stimulate the inside of the vagina. Early reviews for this toy have been positive. Its interesting shape takes it a little beyond other G-spot vibes, and might lead to some interesting exploration for users.

L'amourose Prism V

L'amourose is a pretty new brand, but it has won some big fans - and fast. And while the Rosa and Denia gave gotten great press, we haven't yet heard a lot about the newest toys in the line, the Prisms. The Prism V is a G-spot vibrator, and it looks like some kind of architectural masterpiece, a weird, ultra-modern skyscraper. It's also well shaped, well-designed and very powerful - just like the other toys in this line. Reviewers also gave this one top marks for its ergonomic design and handle.

Minna kGoal

OK, so this one isn't a vibrator exactly, but it is one cool toy - and it definitely has the power to pump up your sex life. The kGoal is a super-smart a Kegel exerciser that fits inside the vagina and not only helps you strengthen your pelvic floor, but also measures and tracks its strength. kGoal hooks up to a smartphone app and provides direct feedback about your pelvic floor contractions, how strong they are and whether you're doing them correctly. This toy also suggest exercises and helps users build their Kegel strength over time. And, as you probably know, stronger Kegels often mean bigger, better orgasms - not to mention a slew of other benefits. (Learn more about the benefits of Kegels in For Better Orgasms, Flex This Muscle.)

The The Top 10 New Vibrators You Should Try in 2016

Crave Flex/Duet Flex

Crave is a maker of beautiful luxury vibrators, and it keeps its line of products pretty tight. So, we're lucky that it introduced a couple of new vibes in 2015, the Flex and Duet Flex. What sets these vibes apart from the others in the Crave line are their ultra-flexible tips. These soft, bendable arms are designed to allow the user to bend and fit the toy, and use it however it feels best. Like the other toys in the Crave line, the Flex series provides deep, rumbly vibrations. These toys can also be plugged directly into a USB port for charging, which makes them a great option for traveling.

MysteryVibe Crescendo

This one's a bit of a wild card. It's a brand-new toy and it's only available through MysteryVibe's website. We haven't even seen a lot of reviews yet ... but it looks so cool that it's definitely one to watch out for over the next few months. This submarine-shaped vibe has six (count 'em, six!) separate motors running along it. These can vibrate independantly, creating a number of different patterns and sensations. The toy itself is also ultra-flexible, allowing users to bend it into the shape that fits them best. It's kind of like several toys in one. Now that could be fun!

What new vibes are you excited to try this year? Share them with us in the comments!

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