Orgasms, polyamory and facial hair have all been up for discussion this week in the blogosphere of sex and sexuality. We're just going to assume you're crazy about at least one of the above, so here are a few links from the past week to titillate and entertain.

Flash Mob Re-Enacts Meg Ryan's Fake Orgasm Scene

Some people say they’re passé, but don’t you just love a good flash mob? Watch this fantastic video clip on Slutist to see 20 women acting out Meg Ryan’s fake orgasm scene from that '80s chick flick "When Harry Met Sally" in a diner full of clueless onlookers. The bewildered reactions are hilarious.

The Ignorance of Gender Intolerance

Erotica writer Jolynn Raymond took some time away from her sexy stories to blog about The Ignorance of Gender Intolerance. My favorite moment in this post is when Raymond suggests, "Those who are so intolerant should be bound in front of a TV showing RuPaul’s "Drag Race" non-stop for 24 hours."

What It's Like to Be Polyamorous

Are you pan-curious? Pansexuality and polyamory appeal to a lot of people, although some choose not to act on their feelings. Check out this interview with a reader of Suggestive Tongue to learn more about poly life.

More Orgasms, Less Cheating On Your Partner?

Now here’s a worthwhile but potentially controversial question: Is a woman who has more orgasms more likely or less likely to cheat on her partner? On The Psychology of Human Sexuality, Dr. Justin Lehmiller explains the research that shows there’s no difference in cheating behavior when you compare women who have more orgasms to women who have fewer. Interestingly, the study found that men were less likely to cheat if their lady orgasmed often, while more cheating behavior was reported by women who also reported faking more orgasms.

And ... a Very Special Fetish

Symone Kitty Nelson’s talking about a very special fetish for Movember: pogonophilia, or the fetishization of beards and moustaches. If that sounds like you, check it out - and enjoy the photos!

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