If you haven’t been struck down by the epidemic of "sore throat, runny nose, time to hit the duvet and not in a sexy way" disease that seems to be rocking the Northern Hemisphere right now, we at Kinkly salute you. While everyone else is in bed recovering, here are some sexy links to keep you from getting bored.

Why I Love Your Lady Garden

Michael Malflic’s recent post You Are Simply Perfect is, essentially, an ode to his wife’s pussy. It’s one of my favorite posts of the whole week because it’s honest, thoughtful and loving. If you’ve ever wondered why some lady-gardens are considered "prettier" than others, this is the post for you.

The Redhead Bedhead's Online Pickup Outfit

Meanwhile, the Redhead Bedhead’s written an ode of her own, to online dating. Forget all those dating tipsters who tell you to kiss your Internet connection goodbye and go out to meet new lovers in the "real world" - check out these 5 Reasons Why Online Dating is Awesome *and* a selfie of the Bedhead’s online pickup outfit.

A Discovery: Yes, You're Kinky

At Bedroom Bondage, you’ll find a personal story by Elly Bale in which she describes how she discovered her kinky side and explains the range of options that open up to you once you realize that, yep, you’re kinky!

On Pain - and Pleasure

Curious about BDSM and the pleasure/pain dynamic? Over at Kink and Poly, Jade discusses the differences between psychological control and physical punishment, and explains why pain play has become an important part of her lifestyle.

A Revelation: Anal Sex Isn't for Everyone

Breaking news: Not *everybody* is interested in anal! From some of the sexy stuff you read, you might get the impression that you’re a big prude if you don’t want anything "up there". Not true. Read more about what can make anal play an unwanted experience in this very personal post on LifeOfALoverGirl.

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