Last month, we asked you to nominate the best, bravest, most honest sex bloggers you knew, and boy did you deliver. We got hundreds of nominations for websites that ranged from romantic to deliciously raunchy. And yes, we read posts from every single one. (Reading about sex all day is a tough job, but someone had to do it.) We were looking for writers who informed us, who made us laugh or cry, who made us think about sex and sexuality in new ways and who chose to blow off doors when it came to telling the truth. Our impressions - combined with the number of votes each blog got - is how we tallied the winners.

But you know what? We may have picked 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes, but we know there are sooooo many more of you out there. That’s why we’re working on a directory of sex bloggers, which will appear on to help you connect with all the people who are helping make the world a sexier place, one post at a time.

Now, you wanna know who won, right? Without further ado, here are the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013. If you don’t see your favorites, be sure to vote next year.

1. (@Epiphora)

This sex toy reviewer has a mind-blowing sex toy collection, a "very discerning vagina" and an aversion to all things pink. She’s also got the words to keep you on her site for days.

2. (@Dangerouslilly)

This sharp-tongued sex geek and sex toy reviewer won our hearts with her big mouth - and crusade against crappy, unsafe sex toy materials.

3. (@Mollysdailykiss)

Molly’s eclectic mix of erotic photography, body pride and erotic revelation is as unique as it is refreshing. She’s also a speaker, a submissive and the creator of Sinful Sunday.

4. (@Bedheadtweeting)

This redhead writer and sex educator has a mane that’s as fierce as her writing and a growing list of superhero sex-positive sex shops across the country. What’s not to love?

5. (@LadyCheeky)

On Smut for Smarties, Lady Cheeky does sex positive, body positive and feminist just right with a mix of interviews, reviews and thoughtful editorial.

6. (@SunnyMegatron)

This blogger’s a world-class sex educator, super-honest sex blogger and a superhero to sex positive people everywhere.

7. (@piecesofjade)

Formerly Pieces of Jade, this site bills itself as kinky, poly, lusty and wordy. It’s also hot and lovely to read. Check out Kink of the Week!

8. (@QueerieBradshaw)

Author Lauren Marie Fleming’s site features personal stories about sex, sexuality, gender and gender identity - sensitive, funny, smart ... exquisite!

9. (@GoodDirtyWoman)

Real sex for real people by a woman "who could be any woman," this site is mysterious, erotic and oh-so-sexy.

10. (@Kara_Sutra)

Kara Sutra is a sex toy reviewer and supporter of sex bloggers. She's also been spreading the sex-positive word via video in her Sex Ed 102 video series (everything you should have learned but didn't!).

11. (@TheCaraSutra)

12. (@Ruby_Ryder)

13. (@VirtuousPervert)

14. (@SexInWords)

15. (@LoraxOfSex)

16. (@ErikaMoen)

17. (@WalkerThornton)

18. (@ashleymanta)

19. (@TheSTDProject)

20. (@charlieglickman)

21. (@Jill_Hamilton)

22. (@TheMamaSutra)

23. (@violetblue)

24. (@sex_ational)

25. (@TBK365)

26. (@Kara_Sutra)

27. (@offgothepanties)

28. (@CharlieNox)

29. (@tobeaslut)

30. (@nlikes)

31. (@GeekyNymph)

32. (@Heather_Cole1) and (@Nikki_Blue1)

33. (@fuckblogging) and (@venicebloggs)

34. (@Girly_Juice)

35. (@DumbDomme)

36. (@Ferns__)

37. (@CurvaceousDee)

38. (@TheSinDoll)

39. (@GrittyWoman)

40. (@TomioBlack)

41. (@pottersproperty)

42. (@MrWills_HoT)

43. (@RebelsNotes)

44. (@SaintSeverin)

45. (@silverdropUK)

46. (@JoanPrice)

47. (@TristanTaormino)

48. (@LoriandHubby)

49. (@alyssaroyse)

50. (@CliticalJenne)

51. (@WholeSexLife)

53. (@IntellectHomo)

54. (@ruffledsheets)

55. (@swingsetlife)

56. (@enagoski)

57. (@girlonthenet)

58. (@joejohnstun)

59. (@KimAirs)

60. (@Josephine_KK)

61. (@nakedjill)

62. (@subreiskyem)

63. (@_Monocle_) and (@Ximena_Writes_)

64. (@beanfiddlers)

65. (@TheSymoneShow)

66. (@mysexprofessor)

67. (@CurvyMilfy)

68. (@Mollena)

69. (@JustinLehmiller)

70. (@Catcoaches)

71. (@BeingBlacksilk)

72. (@Suggestive)

73. (@iSlut_)

74. (@adissolutelife)

75. (@wqbelle)

76. (@SexToySofa)

77. (@NaughtyReenie)

78. (@beck42069)

79. (@sexgeekAZ)

80. (@sangsaraB)

81. (@Hellkat83)

82. (@mistress_kay)

83. (@slutist)

84. (@emandlo)

85. (@padmeamidala)

86. (@JolynnRaymond)

87. (@lovergirlslife)

88. (@Hesnaked)

89. (@NymphetamineKis)


91. (@CathyReisenwitz)

92. (@CreativeNoodlin)

93. (@metanotherfrog)

94. (@bedroombondage)

95. (@MidnightBlondi)


97. (@MalflicMagazine)

98. (@JillyBoyd)


100. (@amyjogoddard)

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