Now that the pumpkins and Halloween lanterns have come down, what can we do to keep you entertained and enjoying sexy goodness? For a start, we can share what we’ve been reading! Most of this week's posts have come from the top 20 of our 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes list. Enjoy!

Movember Madness and Blogasms

To make it easier for you to support Movember (even if you’re not biologically able to grow a mustache), Cara Sutra’s complied a directory of adult online stores that are raising money for men’s sexual health charities. Cara also plans to blog her next 500 orgasms in a project she’s titled Blogasm 500.

Radio Queerie

Queerie Bradshaw now has a podcast for your listening pleasure. Hear her sexy chat with friends and fellow bloggers (including Mona Darling of Darling Propaganda) in the first episode here. As she’s taking a break from all her other online activities this month, the podcast is your only way to keep up with Queerie until December, so make the most of it! (You can also check out her first post on later this week!)

Health Issues and Your Sex Life

Spare a thought for those trying to keep their sex lives healthy while their general health isn’t so great: Walker Thornton discusses the ways chronic illness can affect your sex life and offers links to more of her sound advice to help you stay on top.

The Life of an Anonymous Sex Blogger

It’s coming-out time at A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind with MsQuote’s thoughtful post on life as an anonymous sex blogger and erotica writer whose friends and family have no idea what she’s doing online. Show your support for sex bloggers by leaving a comment.

Also check out a few additional items we missed last week.

Japanese People (Still) Aren't Having Sex

The Japanese people don’t have sex anymore story hit headlines just about everywhere last week. And last year. And, um, back in 2009, 2006 and 2004 ... and any other time an especially slow news week occurs. Kotaku pointed out the many screw-ups in interpretation (of data and of culture) that make this story a silly distraction, while Slate checked out sex life stats around the world and found that Japan isn’t much different from anywhere else. In other words, of course they're having sex.

Kink of the Week: Temperature Play

The kink of the week over at Rebel’s Notes is temperature play. Whether you prefer it hot or chilly, changing temperatures can make your nerve endings stand to attention in a way you don’t normally experience during sex. Check out this post for more details and give it a try!

Cara Sutra Dishes on Kinky Maids

Cara Sutra’s latest Fetish Friday post is all about maids: kinky maids, sissy maids and what to do with them if you’re lucky enough to have one. Read more of her post if you've ever had a thing for a French maid costume.

Violet Blue Gets Engaged

Longstanding sex blogger and sex tech explorer Violet Blue is engaged! On October 22nd she shared a "Squeeee!" and a snapshot of the proposal moment on Twitter. Congrats to Violet and fiancé Eric Michaud - we wish them a lifetime of sex and happiness.

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