Kissing, escalators, science, museums and Facebook. Is there a theme here? Oh, right, it’s the same theme we have every week: sex! Here’s the best of the week’s best blogging.

A Cure for Bad Kissers

The Guyliner’s bring sexy back to … kissing. Yep, that ultimate sex-starting move isn’t always quite as seductive as you’d hoped it would be, so check out the tips in The Horror of Bad Kissing and How to Fix It if you want to know how you can improve your partner’s technique. Dribbly kisser? Lifeless tongue? The Guyliner’s got the cure.

The Stupid "Sexcalator"

On The Pervocracy, Cliff’s latest post bemoans The Sexcalator: the mythical concept of progression through logical stages from holding hands to vanilla sex, after which if you keep going you’re doomed to somehow fall, anti-gravity, up a slippery escalator toward sexual addiction and even depravity. I think Cliff’s right: the whole idea of the sexcalator is silly. Jump off!

Sexism in Science

Sexism in the sciences has been a big topic of debate since Dr. Danielle Lee, author of the Urban Scientist blog at Scientific American, published a post about a Biology Online editor who asked if she was an "urban whore" when she declined his offer of unpaid work. Now, Scientific American’s own blog editor has been accused of sexual harassment by two other writers. It’s a sad week for science publishing; let’s hope this brings some change.

First Comes Marriage, Then Comes a National LGBT Museum

The U.S. government shutdown kept everybody talking for a while, but there’s something else going on in Washington, D.C.: plans for a national LGBT musem! Yes, there are already several museums of LGBT culture and history in the U.S., but creating a national institution is a task on a different scale. Work’s been going on behind the scenes since 2007, and we can hope to see it completed in the next five years.

Romance, The Redhead and Facebook's Relationship Status

Finally, the Redhead Bedhead explains why, after living an independent none-of-your-business lifestyle, setting her Facebook relationship status to "In an Open Relationship" made her cry. Read it if you’ve ever suffered the agonies of a Facebook-public romance.

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