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The New Frontier: Sex In Spaaaaaace!

Published: OCTOBER 25, 2013 | Updated: FEBRUARY 15, 2022
Sex on another planet is just barely possible, which is probably why we're all so interested in the idea.

Sex that's out of this world is what we're all looking for, right? Well, now you have your chance. A foundation called Inspiration Mars is currently interviewing married couples for a 500-day manned mission around Mars. Presumably, they're choosing a married couple so they can engage in experimental space sex ... without space morality getting in the way.

If you've ever seen James Bond in "Moonraker," zero-gravity sex is not a new concept for you. Sure, space food sticks, Tang, and that video of the astronaut wringing out the sponge are pretty cool, but they pale in comparison to the promise of future sex taking place in deep space. And this isn't just a fetish; if humans have any hope of colonizing space stations and living on other planets, researching the ins and outs of space giggity is essential. NASA swears that their astronauts have never done it in space. I'm not sure. Many space missions span over many months - or even years. If I was an astronaut getting busy in zero-G, I probably wouldn't tell NASA about it either.


Existing research suggests that living in a zero-gravity environment is hard on the body and impacts its ability to function normally, including when it comes to sex. Hmmmm ... maybe that's why millionaire Richard Branson's space program is called Virgin ... In fact, it's the lack of friction that's believed to be the major stumbling block in successful space mating. Couple that with a lack of resistance, and you might be looking at eternal space chastity. Zero-gravity sex studies from the University of Massachusetts indicated that there also tends to be a lot of "bumping into things." That sounds more like drunk sex to me.

Space conception, on the other hand, may be even more difficult that space pleasure, since a zero-G environment is more likely to result in an ectopic pregnancy, while radiation in space can cause complications we haven't even thought of yet. Still, interstellar coitus is on a lot of minds. Once we get the kinks of space sex worked out, space sex tourism is the logical next step. zero-gravity honeymoons sound pretty cool to me. I wonder if you can make a mimosa out of Tang.

Oh, the possibilities.


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Wednesday Lee Friday is an eclectic writer of fact and fiction. She has worked as a reptile wrangler, phone sex operator, radio personality, concierge, editor, fast food manager, horror novelist, and she owns a soap shop. She prefers jobs that let her sleep during the day. Everybody knows all the best art and literature happen at night!

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