Are you getting enough? Too little? Is there such a thing as too much? Recent discussions in the sexuality blogosphere have focused on who’s doing how much of what, and what that means for everybody. Here’s this week’s best sex talk on the Internet.

Miley Says Sex Ends at 40

That Miley Cyrus, huh? Yeah, we're still talking about her, but she has this uncanny way of staying in the spotlight. Most people are doing their best to forget her twerking and tongue-poking antics, but that tongue isn't the only thing that comes out of Miley’s mouth. Miley recently told TV journalist Matt Lauer that at the age of 55, he is "definitely not sexual". Thankfully, Joan Price of Naked at Our Age sets her straight about the sex lives of older lovers (and offers to battle it out live on TV, too).

Sex That Kills - at Least for These Critters

Ever had so much sex, you felt like you could die? Turns out it’s possible! There are no known human victims of natural semelparity (that’s science talk for dying after sex), but the phenomenon’s been observed in insects, fish, and now in some marsupials, according to Audubon Magazine’s blog. The males of at least two marsupial species get so stuffed with testosterone and so exhausted from epic sex sessions that their bodies just stop functioning, letting them die from infections and hemorrhages. Poor critters.

Dick-n-Jane Gets a Makeover

I hear that sex blog Dick 'n’ Jane is moving to a new website! The old site is known for its blend of tenderness, wit, sauciness and sex toys. If you’re already a Dick 'n’ Jane fan, look for the new site this week - and remember to update your bookmarks. If you aren't, give it a read.

Free Vibrators for All!

Finally, in a moment of sheer awesomeness (not to mention marketing genius), Detroit-based sex toy retailer has been very busy this past week. Why? Because they’re giving away 200 free vibrators per day to furloughed females during the government shutdown. Check out this video on SultryDish to find out more. Well, at least we know someone in Washington is keeping busy.

Oh, and if you aren't the oh-so-lucky recipient of a free vibe this month, head on over to for a $5 discount on your next $25 purchase.

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