Sex and politics go together like, well, condoms and lube, so it isn’t surprising that this week the blogosphere featured more than one post about the sexy side of politics. Here’s this week’s best sex talk on the Internet.

George H.W. Bush and his wife were witnesses last weekend at a same-sex wedding in Maine, where same-sex marriage became legal last December. The Washington Post’s Reliable Source has a lovely photo of the odd-socked ex-president signing the marriage license for newlyweds Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen. Bush Sr. may not be head of state anymore, but he still has some pull at a time when many Republicans are still against gay marriage. Here's to the newlyweds - and friends in high places!

Speaking of partners, lingerie and sex toy site Vevetrois explained the "soft swap" in their blog this week. For those of you who are curious about swinging, it's a safe-for-work summary of the six (count 'em, six!) different levels of partner-swapping. I suspect this will interest anyone who thinks swinging kinda sounds like it’d be fun ... but aren't quite ready to go "all the way." In a soft swap, you can have your cake and eat it too. Although we're willing to bet many soft swaps go hardcore.

The Museum of Sex's blog is always an interesting place to browse. This week they republished a post about the Russian law against "gay propaganda" and the Olympic Games’ influence in sexual repression. By the end of this article, I was convinced that the Olympic Games are bad news for sex workers. I was also convinced that the Museum of Sex has a rare talent for comedic picture captions. Take a look for yourself!

Sexual terrorism may sound like just one more unusual fetish, but it's more than just fantasy. No, wait, it isn’t. Check out PolicyMic’s story about Tunisian women traveling across the border to Syria to bring militant warriors sexual satisfaction. Or, to be more accurate, the story about the stories being told by many media outlets about this. Apparently, it just isn't happening - despite what you may have heard elsewhere.

Over at Reticulated Writer I found a thoughtful analysis of the weirdness and wonder of a student publication featuring 18 real-life, un-Photoshopped vulvas on its cover. Sadly, the cover was censored - of course - and the magazine pulled from distribution. You can honor these women’s commitment to countering the sanitized portrayal of pudenda by viewing the original cover image here. You should also read our ode to all the lovely lady bits out there in Your Vagina Isn't Ugly It Just Looks That Way.)

Hope it was a great week!

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