Did you have a good Friday the 13th? Some see it as unlucky, but we're betting Kinkly readers can "get lucky" no matter what the date! Here’s this week’s best sex talk on the Internet.

Over on The Buzz blog at Good Vibrations, Dr Carol Queen answers a question you might never have pondered before (but you will now): What is a blended orgasm? For a start, this type of orgasm is easier to have and potentially stronger and more pleasurable than a non-blended orgasm, says the doctor.

At Slutever, Karley Sciortino featured a video of the Huffington Post Live panel she participated in to discuss the rising trend for relying on the withdrawal method for contraception. Why is "the pull-out generation" turning to this low-tech method? Because it may be just as effective at preventing pregnancy as condoms, once you take real life into account. Scary.

This week one blog post really tickled my funny bone, too. Making a lady laugh is half the journey to making her clothes fall off, and the folks at Eat24 are no strangers to customers in their underwear. Their brilliant - and surprisingly safe-for-work - article How to Advertise on a Porn Website will amaze and delight you. (It may also make you hungry.)

Sexy retail site Lovehoney is running its Design a Sex Toy contest again and the final date for entry is Monday September 16. If you’ve always wished you could create your dream toy now’s your chance. (You could win $15,000!)

Meanwhile, Alyssa Milano’s "sex tape" hoax video on Funny Or Die is still going strong, bringing the situation in Syria to the attention of Web-browsing pervs around the world.

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