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6 Super-Fun (and Super-Easy!) Oral Sex Positions

Published: OCTOBER 16, 2018 | Updated: JULY 25, 2022 10:44:34
Banish mediocre sex! These positions put a new spin on oral.

The road to mediocre sex is paved with repetition. Unless "mediocre" is the kind of sex you want to be having, it's important to keep mixing things up, trying things out and approaching things from new angles. When it comes to oral sex, you have so many different opportunities to explore your partner’s body. Why waste them on the same old, same old? Here are a couple of oral sex positions designed to give you a new spin on mouth lovin’. With three positions designed to please partners with penises (fellatio positions) and three positions designed to please partners with vaginas (cunnilingus positions), there’s a little something for everyone! Enjoy!


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For Folks with Penises

Hangin’ Back (aka The Deepthroat Position)

If You're Giving It: This is perhaps, logistically, the best position from which to achieve the elusive deepthroat. It puts the mouth and throat into one long line, enabling you to more easily take more of your partner into your mouth. Because your partner has so much freedom to move here, you want to use your hands to steer the motion and keep things comfortable for you. Relax the throat and enjoy the sensation of balls on your eyelids! ;-)

If You're Getting It: If you are receiving in this position be aware that you might need to kneel, squat or otherwise adjust your height to line up with your partner’s mouth. Also, be sensitive and aware so as not to choke your partner. It’s a good idea to observe a "tap out" hand signal that indicates when your partner needs a break.

Deep throat sex position

The Intense Headrest

If You're Giving It: Here's another good one. Here, your partner lays on one side and lifts the top leg. You place your head between his legs and the rest of your body behind his, so that your head rests on his thigh. Your partner lays back while you get to work. This position gives you unfettered access to the penis and testicles and great angles to really get into it. You can even wrap your arms around his legs for more leverage (woo! woo!). (Learn more about that "tower of power" in 10 Things You Don't Know About Penises.)


If You're Getting It: If you are receiving in this position you can just lie back and enjoy it. Or, try reaching back with your top arm to touch your partner.

Intense Headrest sex position

The Mellow Headrest

If You're Giving It: Here's one that's fun - but a little more mellow. Your partner assumes the same position as in the intense headrest, above, but this time when you place your head between his legs you flip the whole thing around! Your legs will end up near your partner’s face and you will, once again, rest your head on his lower thigh. This position is better for taking things a little slower.

If You're Getting It: If you are receiving in this position, your partner’s body is right there in front of you! That means you have great access for manual stimulation.
Mellow headrest sex position

For Folks with Vaginas

Lady Godiva

If You're Giving It: Get your lover to hop on and take this position for a ride. Lay back (perhaps with a pillow propping your head up slightly) and have your partner kneel and straddle your face. In this position, you can offer more stimulation by moving your head (not just the mouth) up and down and side to side as you use your tongue.

If You're Getting It: If you are receiving in this position you can get into a "riding" motion if both you and your partner are comfortable. Be aware of your partner’s ability to breathe though. This is another good time to employ a "tap-out" signal.


Lady Godiva Sex Position

Laid Back Loving

If You're Giving It: Just like in the Lady Godiva, you get to lay back with a pillow (in this case maybe two, neck support will be important here), propping your head up while your partner lies face up on your belly with her legs on either side of your head.

If You're Getting It: If you are receiving in this position make sure that you bring yourself close enough to your partner’s mouth so that he or she doesn't have to strain to reach you. Then, just lay back and enjoy.

Easychair sex position


Happy Doggy

If You're Giving It: I know that many of you like the doggy style sex position. This is an easy oral position with similar posturing. Have your partner get on her hands and knees facing away from you with a slight arch in her back and her knees spread wide. This position will allow you to easily access your partner’s entire genital region and play with angles and approaches to find what feels best. You can also reach forward and stimulate your partner’s breasts in this position.

If You're Getting It: If you are receiving in this position you can lower your chest all the way to the bed/floor/counter/tarmac so as to create an even ore accessible angle for your hips. (Like these positions? Get more tips in How to Party Like a Cockstar.)

Happy Doggy Sex Position

Give Oral or Go Home

According to a study conducted in 2010, only 27 percent of men and 19 percent of women reported having oral sex in a given year. Like, at all. Maybe the results would be different if they'd known about all the great positions out there for oral sex. These positions put a new spin on oral action. And that can make all the difference.

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