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The Top 10 Male Sex Toys You Must Try

Sex toys are an unknown luxury that many men never explore. But they should. Here are 10 types that'll blow your (or his) mind.
The Top 10 Male Sex Toys You Must Try

Male sex toys don’t get the attention that female sex toys do. At all. Most of the information that is outthere is written as click bait by folks who don’t know a cock ring from a napkin ring. I am a connoisseurof sex toys for men. I get to sample these on a regular basis to review and write my impressions aboutthem. In fact, part of my job is to have sex and masturbate. I take my job seriously. I’m also involved withalternative sexual practices such as anal play , prostate play and BDSM . Based on that experience, I am going to recommend some types of toys for men that I have found to be great additions to my sexual arsenal. Sign up with us to download this free guide!


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