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11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

Published: NOVEMBER 26, 2020 | Updated: DECEMBER 3, 2020
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Everybody likes good vibrations! In the front, up the back and all around the town, you'll find something wonderful on our collected 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers!

It's true, lots of sex toys focus on clitorises and g-spots. And while we would never slag those toys that aim to please the vulva-havers among us, we know that many of you possess a penis and/ or prostate, or have partners that do. We don't want them to miss out on the feel-good fun!

Kinkly proudly presents: The 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers.


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Nexus G-Stroker

Prostate pleasure with a twist! Did you know that the anal entrance contains a ton of sensitive nerves? While most prostate massagers tend to hit that erogenous zone on the way in, once the toy is in, those sensations are a minimum.

Not so with the Nexus G-Stroker. While the tip of the G-stroker is busy hitting your prostate, stroking beads around the base constantly pleasure the entrance. Adjust the stroking beads AND the six vibration levels with the included wireless remote for a customized prostate play experience unlike prostate toys you've played with in the past.


11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers: Nexus G Stroker

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MysteryVibe Tenuto

We're not sure it will be possible to ever pack more power into a cock ring than what MysteryVibe has managed! With six motors (no, that wasn't a typo!), the MysteryVibe Tenuto packs some serious, serious power into this cock ring - to help make "getting hard" feel easy. When you want more ways to explore the Tenuto, you can simply connect it to your cell phone for new ways to play with the cock ring - and enjoy customized patterns and real-time control over the 6 motors.


MysteryVibe Tenuto: 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

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Nexus REVO Extreme

Do you like to play a bit on the larger side? Welcome to the prostate massager made just for you! Based on the best-selling prostate stimulation design of other Nexus toys, the REVO Extreme targets the prostate perfectly - just in a design that has a whole lot more to offer—both through size and features!

The tip on this thick prostate massager rotates for automated prostate stimulation while the base is packed full of powerful vibrations. As if that wasn't enough, the Nexus REVO Extreme is also equipped with a remote-control for contortion-free play.

Nexus Revo Extreme: 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

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Tenga Eggs

Whether you want a travel-friendly penis stroker or just want a set of six different textures to try, these Eggs have you covered. Each one of these plastic "eggs" crack open to expose a stretchy penis masturbation sleeve alongside a packet of lube for that sleeve's use.

As you can imagine, this makes the Tenga Eggs particularly well-suited to travel - or if you live somewhere where keeping sex toys around isn't always feasible. Each sleeve in this set of six sleeves is designed to be disposable, but with good care, they can be used 2-3 times each.

Tenga Eggs: 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

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Nexus Simul8

Prostate pleasure + penis pleasure = Orgasmic enjoyment! Mixing an orgasmic prostate massager with two penis rings, the Simul8 pleasures two erogenous zones at once. Equipped with two motors that allow for 48 pleasure combinations, this silicone prostate massager and cock ring toy is fully rechargeable - and built with the Nexus attention to perfectly hitting the prostate.

(Love the idea of the Simul8 but want to add a prostate massager that automatically strokes the prostate in addition to vibrations? You want the Nexus Revo Embrace instead!)

Nexus Stimul8: 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

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Aneros Eupho Syn Trident

Hands-free prostate pleasure in a simple, beginner-friendly toy. The Aneros Eupho Syn Trident uses the power of science and anatomical knowledge into a prostate toy designed for hands-free prostate stim. With an extremely slender design, the Aneros Eupho Syn Trident is perfect as a first prostate toy.

Once slipped into the body, through tightening of the pelvic floor, the Eupho Syn Trident "rocks" against the prostate for constant sensation - entirely hands-free. With practice, the Eupho Syn Trident can be used for hands-free orgasms in a lot of people—but it also makes a great companion for a stroking session.

Eupho Syn Trident: 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

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Satisfyer Men Wand

Vibrations aren't just for vulvas! In fact, the penis can enjoy vibrations just as much! Why not explore how amazing vibrations are with a toy specially designed for penile vibration? The Satisfyer Men Wand brings 50 vibration combinations to a toy that's especially cylindrically shaped for the penis. Fully rechargeable and waterproof, the Satisfyer Men Wand offers a vibrating experience designed for orgasmic bliss.

Satisfyer Men Wand: 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

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Blush Hot Chocolate Alexis

Realistic pleasure partners with additional vibrations in the Hot Chocolate Alexis sleeve. Not just a penis stroker, the Hot Chocolate Alexis also includes a small vibrator that can be slid into the stroker to add vibrations to the entire jerk-off experience.

With a light-weight design crafted for easy, one-handed stroking, the Blush Hot Chocolate Alexis lets you take your masturbation game to new levels.

Blush Hot Chocolate Alexis: 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

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The latest release from this VR-enabled sex toy company, the Onyx+ is their latest option for effort-free masturbation. Slide the Onyx+ onto the shaft, and 10 contracting rings will move up and down the shaft to simulate sex.

Enhance the entire experience by sliding on your VR headset, synchronizing the KIIROO Onyx+ to VR-enabled porn videos, and experience all of the action until you ride to a powerful orgasm. Want to explore other options? The KIIROO Onyx+ can also synchronize to cam sites or another KIIROO device to show you what the term "teledildonics" really looks like in real-life.

KIIROO Onyx+: 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

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Blush Stay Hard Beaded Cock Rings

Our most-recommended set for cock ring beginners, this Blush Novelties set of cock rings provides easy-to-use penis restriction. A set of three rings in gradually-larger sizes, each one of these beaded rings is super-stretchy and extremely easy to slip around the penis. Have you always been curious about cock rings? This is the set to start with!

Blush Stay Hard Beaded Cock Rings: 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

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Perfect Fit Fat Boy Micro Ribbed Sleeve

Have you always wanted to experiment with new penis pleasures? That's exactly what the Perfect Fit penis sleeves provide. This super-textured sleeve slides over your current erection for an added thickness and width during penetration with a partner—plus an intense textured sensation!

Not only does this let you experiment with brand new sensations during intercourse (with all of the sensations that get transferred through the sleeve itself!), but it allows you and your partner to experiment with new penis sensations - no additional partner required.

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Micro Ribbed Sleeve: 11 Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

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