8 Sex Toys for Queer Couples on a Budget

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These 8 sex toys are fun, versatile and great for all kinds of play with all kinds of partners.

Most sex toy guides, tend to be written with heterosexual folx in mind. And while you can be queer and still get your rocks off from penis-in-vagina sex, penetrative sex isn’t the be all end all. In fact, in some queer couples, penetration isn’t a practice at all.

As a result, queer sex can be a lot more creative and adventurous than sex between heterosexual partners. Plus, despite marketing to the contrary, most sex toys can be used on all body types, and between any and all kinds of sexual or romantic partners.

So, if you’re here and you’re queer and you're looking to level-up your sex toy game - or just looking to ease your way into vibrators, dildos and butt plugs - here are 8 sex toys for queer couples.

Also, remember that incorporating sex toys into your sex life doesn’t mean that your skills are lacking. It just means that you’re open to switching up how you and/or your partner experience pleasure.

As a bonus, all of the toys mentioned are under under $100, in case you’re trying to come on a budget!

Satisfyer Pro 2

When you think of a vibrator, something colorful and dick-shaped probably comes to mind. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is much sleeker than traditional vibrators, and mimics the sensation of oral sex when applied directly to the clitoris. It has 11 levels of intensity and is fully waterproof. It's also sooo much fun!

b-Vibe Snug Plug 2

If you’ve been wanting to explore some backdoor play, there’s no better time than the present. Plus, anal play is inclusive to ALL couples. Snug Plug come in five sizes from small to large, and features weighted balls that jiggle with movement. They're great for long-term play and just a great introduction to anal!

Unbound Cuffies

Not ready for butt plugs yet? Handcuffs are always a low-risk option for those who are looking to get just a little kinky. These particular handcuffs are made from body-safe silicone and are flexible, so they can bend right along with you and your partner.

Sportsheets Nipple Suckers

OK, so these Nipple Suckers kind of look like light bulbs, but as long as they turn you and/or your partner on, that’s all that matters. They’re a less painful alternative to nipple clamps, and make for a unique way to increase nipple sensitivity and spice up foreplay.

Unbound Stellar Dildo

Who says that sex toys can’t also be art? Unbound’s Stellar is a gorgeous glass dildo that can be used for internal stimulation, or as an external massage toy. You can stick it in the freezer, or run it under warm water for some sensation play. Or you can just gaze at its sparkly curves.

Dame Fin

Fin is a great option if you’re looking to ease your way into vibrators and don’t want something clunky or phallic. You can hold it between two fingers or use the optional tether when delivering good vibrations to a partner’s clit, nipples, perineum and wherever else you choose to explore.

Durex Pleasure Ring

While there are all kinds of cock rings on the market, sometimes you and your wallet just need to stick to the basics. Durex’s Pleasure Ring is a simple, stretchy, silicone ring that is compatible with latex condoms. It will help a penis remain erect for longer, meaning it’s perfect for queer couples where one or both partners have a penis.

Sliquid Swirl Blue Raspberry

Don’t even think about using any toys involving penetration of any kind without stocking up on lubricant. (It can also help enhance your use of toys like the Satisfyer Pro 2 or Nipple Suckers.) And if you’re feeling really basic, a lightly flavored, natural lubricant like Sliquid Naturals Swirl (we've linked to Blue Raspberry here) is a fun way to enhance oral sex, fingering or a hand job.

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Written by Tiffany Curtis
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