Erotic Literature

Books like these stimulate more than just your brain. Find out which steamy literature you should take to bed tonight.

"50 Shades of Grey" isn't about an abusive sexual relationship. In fact, the sex is probably the only sane part of the book. Check out this author's take on the controversial series.

This thirteen-part series is sure to keep you begging for more as each new episode unfolds.

What a week it has been in sex! Check out this week's Sex Stories We Love.

Great oral sex can be mind-blowing, life-changing and create memories that last a lifetime. This collection aims to remind readers of life's oral pleasures.

This collection of lesbian cop erotica combines authority, confidence and sexy uniforms to play with power dynamics. Read an excerpt from one story, in which a woman's fantasy about being dominated by a female cop comes true.

Eyes blindfolded. Mouth gagged. Hands chained to the headboard. You’re on display, ready for him - ready to be used. And the only sound in the room is your own breathing ... until you hear him close the door behind you.

This erotic tale of bondage and vocal recorders takes a sexy, playful approach to the word "tape." Read an excerpt here.

A sweet, sexy story of dominance, submission and a couple's first crack at using corporal punishment.

Don't let the intimacy of oral sex intimidate you! Here, we provide a sexy selection of erotica excerpts featuring blow jobs to get you in the mood.

A connection between a cab driver and his rider leads to a generous tip in this sexy encounter between strangers.

This short story from Violet Blue's latest erotic collection delivers sensuality, sadism and sushi all in one bite.

Based on the author’s real life experiences, this is a fictional account of a submissive and her quest for the perfect dominant.

This novel was written before "Fifty Shades of Grey," and some say it surpasses it in every way. Read an excerpt here.

Driven by their desire to be dominated, the "slave girls" in this collection of erotica explore their wildest fantasies. Read how one woman's enslavement to her lover leads to a naughty massage with a stranger.

In this sexy fairy tale, a silent seamstress is seduced by a skilled hunter. Read an excerpt here.

In this sexy story of submission begins a tale of dominance and desire.

Extraordinary, "Fifty Shades" sex is possible. Here's how.

In this story, sex/BDSM buddies take their first step toward coupledom. Read an excerpt here.