Erotic Literature

Books like these stimulate more than just your brain. Find out which steamy literature you should take to bed tonight.

When a woman is unexpectedly bound and gagged by her partner in the company boardroom, the result is as sexy as it gets. Read an excerpt here.

What happens when two strangers plan a sexy encounter in the sky? Read an excerpt here.

This short story from Violet Blue's latest erotic collection delivers sensuality, sadism and sushi all in one bite.

"Bound By Lust" is a romantic, couples-focused erotica with a BDSM slant. Here's a taste from this collection of short stories, where romance can be a little rough and still have VERY happy endings!

This might be an odd question for Kinkly regulars, but think about your friends who might not be as attuned to the wonderful, wild, wicked and sometimes downright weird world of sex. What sex-related content do they read?

'Under Her Thumb: Erotic Stories of Female Domination' will whet your appetite for all things Fem Dom, whether you're a bottom, a top, or just curious. Here's a taste from this collection.

This new erotica genre features scaly, cold-blooded protagonists. And yes, it's for real.

Does "Fifty Shades of Grey" glamorize violence against women? Erotica editor and author Rachel Kramer Bussel gives her take here.

Christian Grey's been cast - and fans aren't happy. Check out five other leading men we'd rather see on screen.

Erotica is a wonderful genre for sexually curious readers. Here are five reasons to read erotica literature, as well as some current hot-off-the-presses erotica books that are sure to please, educate, and intrigue.

Based on the author’s real life experiences, this is a fictional account of a submissive and her quest for the perfect dominant.

This novel was written before "Fifty Shades of Grey," and some say it surpasses it in every way. Read an excerpt here.

If you're looking for some hot new reads, check out these unusual erotic stories. You won't be disappointed!

Extraordinary, "Fifty Shades" sex is possible. Here's how.

However much you loved (or hated) "50 Shades", it's hardly the last piece of erotic literature out there with the power to tickle your fancy. Check out 5 books that promise to spice up your reading.

Whether you enjoy a good bodice ripper or black latex and whips, our X-rated reading list has something for you!

Your teachers probably had something else in mind when they encouraged you to read widely and read for pleasure. Even so, these rules hold true for anyone discovering erotic literature.

If you've read the "50 Shades" trilogy, chances are you're curious about a few of Anastasia's racy encounters. We dish on some of this book's dirtiest scenes.