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Sex is as old as it gets, but we keep coming up with new tricks. Check in here for the latest sex-related trends.

We're bringing the sexiest news to you each and every week! Here are this past week's top news stories about sex.

There are right ways and wrong ways to express ourselves sexually. This week, we explore where we draw the lines and open our minds.

This week's theme is TMI - and what we can learn from what other people share online. Check it out!

Check out the hot, controversial and unique things that happened in the world of sex last week.

What do Spiderman, US Airways' Twitter account, and a fisherman's catch all have in common? Dildos!

What is a "normal" family? A new kid's book about homosexuality gets added to the list of books that spark controversy.

Tired of hearing about soccer? Here are 5 World Cup statistics that having nothing to do with the sport.

Some weeks are full of gloriously sex positive news. Others ... not so much. This past week was a doozy. Check out some of the top sex stories we found.

Out of the package, the Autoblow 2 looks a lot like an insulated thermos with a fake mouth on top, but it's likely to provide a happy ending, both for users and its inventor.

Summer is here and things are heating up in sex stories online. Check out the top posts from the past week.

There's a pill that can reduce the risk of contracting HIV by 90 percent. The problem is, few can afford to take it.

This past week included good news, bad news and a truly amazing dildo. Check it out!

Check out the most interesting stories we found this week about everything you ever wanted to know about sex .

This past week saw the launch of Adult Sex Ed Month, bringing in an avalanche of interesting stories from around the Web. Here are a few favorites, plus a few other interesting tidbits.

If you hated summer school as a kid, you’ll love it as an adult. Check out what's in store for Adult Sex Ed Month.

This week, we honor Maya Angelou, end HIV stigma, look at our vaginas and turn a snake bite kit into a sex toy. Check it out!

Technology can divide us or, as is the case with sex toys, help bring us together. LELO's latest design contest aims to find new ways to do that.

This week's sex stories are all over the map, but we promise you'll learn something - and have a whole lot of fun reading them.

We are getting very academic and legal in our round-up this week, but we added some gossip and naked pictures near the end just to even things out. Enjoy!