Lets Talk About It

We live in a world that’s permeated by sex, yet we seldom talk about it in a real way. Here we’ll explore sexual trends and provide perspectives from both sides of the gender divide – and beyond.

Casual sex isn't harmful or beneficial: It's both. Find out how it's likely to turn out for you by answering these nine questions.

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Sex is full of ethical quandaries. Check out some of the ones we caught in the news this week.

This bra is pretty, but it won't do much for your sex life; it only unclasps when the wearer falls in love.

Where are the boys? Why so few men blog about sex.

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Wondering what this term really means or how it's defined? We asked some very sex positive people for their thoughts.

Recent studies suggest that income affects sexual satisfaction - but there are ways to beat the money blues.

This week's round-up is quite a random mix of topics, from sexy dancing to sexy literature, porn stars and trans* surgeries. Let’s just dig right in!

For many people, sexuality is surrounded by confusion, misinformation and suffering. Talking about sex in an educational, meaningful way can elicit clarity, understanding and even joy. Any questions?

This week was a mixed bag in sex news. Check out some of the stories you may have missed.

In an effort to find and promote the best sex blogs on the Web, we're highlighting a new sex blogger every month. Here's our interview with Sinclair Sexsmith.

Every week, we pore the Web for the best stories in the world of sex. This week, it’s feminist porn, discrimination and a plea to save sex ed. Check it out.

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Healing is not a linear path. The best way to support a survivor is to empower them to ask for what they need, when they’re ready.

Porn isn't the only news we follow, but it was stealing the limelight this week. Here are some of the top stories we came across.